Be guided by Griffith’s leading information and communication technology specialists

Griffith’s ICT research and teaching staff are acknowledged as world industry leaders working across information technology, computing, business information systems, IT management, multimedia design and interactive entertainment. This broad-based expertise ensures an overriding enterprise and initiative in study program development and delivery.

Head of School

Professor Paulo de Souza

Academic staff

Professional staff

Adjunct staff

  • Associate Professor David Billington
  • Lecturer Kamanashis Biswa
  • Associate Professor Paulo Vinicius Koerich Borges
  • Industry Fellow Megan Cappelleri
  • Research Fellow Steve Drew
  • Professor Vladimir Estivill-Castro
  • Associate Professor Ruben Gonzalez
  • Principal Research Fellow Ted Goranson
  • Associate Professor Peter Johnson
  • Associate Professor Andrew Lewis
  • Senior Lecturer Bruce Hamilton Rowlands
  • Professor Olivier Salvado
  • Senior Lecturer Phillip E Sheridan
  • Lecturer Dejan Stantic
  • Professor Clarence Nyap Watt Tan
  • Professor Emeritus Rodney William Topor
  • Industry Fellow Ben Ward
  • Associate Professor Xin-Wen Wu

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