The GUDSF offers a next generation sequencing service using the Illumina MiSeq

The Illumina MiSeq System uses well established sequencing by synthesis technology to deliver high quality reads. The MiSeq reagents enable up to 15 Gb per run with 25 million sequencing reads and 2 x 300 bp read lengths.

The MiSeq suits focused applications such as metagenomics, targeted resequencing, small genome sequencing and more. Sequence data is provided in FASTQ format for downstream analysis. Data may also be directly uploaded to the BaseSpace Sequence Hub for further analysis.

Associated equipment available is a Covaris System and an Agilent Bioanalyzer.

Applications include:

  • Microbial De Novo Sequencing
  • Microbial Genome Sequencing
  • 16S metagenomics
  • Targeted RNA Sequencing
  • Targeted Gene Panel Sequencing
  • Library QC

For more information on the Illumina MiSeq and applications please visit Illumina.

Service options

  • Sequencing of customer-prepared libraries. The customer submits an Illumina-compatible library. Please submit at least 10µl of your pooled 4nM library. The GUDSF prepares to the sample for sequencing on the MiSeq.

Please note: Library preparation and data analysis service options are currently under review. Additional services will be listed once finalised.

Customer support

For advice regarding library preparation please contact the GUDSF.

Customers are also directed to the Illumina website for information on the MiSeq applications and library preparation options.

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