The Griffith University DNA Sequencing Facility was established in 1993

The Griffith University DNA Sequencing Facility provides independent, high quality and competitively priced DNA Sequencing and Fragment Analysis services using the Applied Biosystems 3130xl Genetic Analyser and for next-generation sequencing applications, the Illumina MiSeq System.

The data produced is of the highest quality and our dedicated team provide personalised customer service and support.

The facility services customers throughout Australia from research institutions to medical pathology laboratories.

NATA Accredited Laboratory

The Griffith University DNA Sequencing Facility is NATA/RCPA accredited in the field of Medical Testing for Sanger Sequencing Analysis and Fragment Analysis. The GUDSF complies with the International Standard ISO 15189:2012.

Date of Accreditation: 15 July 2003. NATA/RCPA Accreditation Number: 14814.

RCPA The Royal College of Pathologists of AustralasiaNATA World Recognised Accreditation

Proprietary Rights

Results data is the property of the customer and confidentiality is maintained.

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