Accelerating transition to a regenerative and distributive economy

We find ourselves at a unique juncture of change, challenge and opportunity. Climate change, technology, the future of work, inequality, environmental strain, social unrest. We need new, holistic solutions, and regenerative change to rise to these challenges and opportunities.

We have now adopted a mission-led approach to our research and development activity, which we will continue to evolve as we experiment and learn. We believe experimentation and innovation are central to achieving our goal and needed in all sectors, contexts and places.  

Through our work, we seek to amplify the practice of impact-led innovation, and enable change at the individual, organisational and systems level. We hope you'll join us.

Read more about our mission-led approach and set up.

A bit about us

What inspires us

Alumni, students and staff passionate about a better future​.

How we work and who we want to work with

An introduction from our co-directors Professor Ingrid Burkett and Alex Hannant, Professor of Practice.

A demonstration of what we do

These beautiful pods shows how the circular economy can intersect with inclusive growth.

How we work

From academia and public service, to social enterprise start-ups and global corporations our team brings diverse experience and ways of working. We celebrate our different perspectives and are united by our desire to contribute to improved outcomes for people, place and our planet. We want to be pathfinders for a better world.​

We try hard to live and work by our values.​

We’re radically flexible​​

We have sharp-eyed focus​

We’re open and transparent​

We give a damn

​We make good happen​

Our nature is to do first, learn through doing, share what works, and generate insights on what might be possible next.

We’re prepared to take risks in order to test ideas and create new knowledge. We won’t shy away from the complex, invisible work, we will look for partners willing to
face it together. Is that you? ​

Who we are

Athanasia Price

Strategic Communication Lead

Athanasia Price

With nearly 20 years’ experience in internal and external communication Athanasia loves to share our stories and build community. She's concerned with how our communities experience The Yunus Centre, how they find out about our work, and how we work internally as a team. Her experience spans continents and all manner of industries but she's most passionate about the impact mission-led business can have on our future.


Professor of Practice, Alex Hannant

Alex has experience in impact investment, innovation process, strategy, program design and development, partnering and collective action approaches. He brings creativity, pragmatism and a drive for problem solving to every situation. Before Griffith University, he was CEO of Ākina Foundation - New Zealand's primary support organisation for social enterprise.

Senior Research Assistant & HDR Candidate

Cathy Boorman

Cathy has a keen interest in social impact, social architecture and place-based approaches. She has held senior government positions and led initiatives in-place in communities, giving her unique insights from both perspectives.

Innovation Program Manager

Celeste Alcaraz

Celeste has over 10 years’ experience in higher education, teaching business and marketing strategy. She is passionate about improving youth employability pathways and enabling innovative approaches within academia, industry and the community. She activates this passion through our community education program and her work with local councils establishing networks to nurture the rise of economic and social capabilities in regional South-East Queensland.


Professor Ingrid Burkett

Ingrid is a social designer, designing processes, products and knowledge that deepen social impact and facilitate social innovation. She has contributed to the design of policy and processes in a diversity of fields, including community development, local economic development, disability, procurement and social investment. Ingrid led the foundation of social procurement in Australia, is one of the co-founders of Social Procurement Australasia and provided much groundwork for Australia’s entry into social and impact investment with her research.

Senior Lecturer, Impact Innovation

Joanne McNeill

Dr Joanne McNeill is an experienced researcher and professional in the impact economy, with a focus on social innovation ecosystems and diverse economies. She brings substantial experience working across sectors and in translating research findings, from social procurement to health equity and young people, to growing the cooperative housing sector. She is a founding Director of the Community Economies Institute, a Visiting Fellow with ICS, was a Visiting Fellow with UNSW Law in 2018, and has been a Churchill Fellow since 2008.

Administration Officer

Kirilee Barker

Kirilee Barker is one of our Administration Officers. She has nine years of experience in administration within a range of fast-paced, team-driven environments at Griffith University and the University of Queensland. She loves wrangling the Yunus team with a smile, studying history, and chai lattes.

Associate Lecturer

Maggie Muurmans

Maggie has diverse experience and interests splitting her time between The Yunus Centre and Griffith's Centre for Coastal Management. She is passionate about creating learning and teaching that is fun, inspirational and educational - and most importantly leads to making a difference. She has led many community education and engagement programs and is conducting a PhD on community engagement for nature conservation.

Project and Engagement Officer

Michelle Smith

Michelle has a background in account management and relationship management, and thrives in an environment where she can connect people and solve problems. She is indeed our chief problem-solver! Michelle has experience in a wide variety of industries including FMCG, arts and education and brings a great industry lens to our work.

Operations Manager

Patricia Smith

Patricia loves innovation and she loves solving complex business problems particularly where business models are challenged by emerging social and technical change. With over 25 years experience across the property, finance, government and FinTech industries she ensures The Yunus Centre operates as a successful social business.

Senior Research Assistant

Rena Frohman

Rena Frohman is a Learning Designer with over 25 years experience in national and international contexts. She believes in co-creating learning experiences that develop critical thinking skills, reflexivity, and build collaborative relationships. Rena holds a second Master’s Degree in Leadership in Global Development and devotes her energies to creating meaningful impact in community and education contexts.

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