In 2019 the School awarded over $1.2 million in scholarships and prizes.

Griffith Business School currently offers a suite of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Business scholarships, prizes and awards to support and encourage students in their study endeavours.

Scholarships change lives

The scholarship means a lot to me. Winning has expanded my network as I’ve met amazing and friendly people at Mainfreight International here in Brisbane during my site visit. It is also a great financial support during my time here at university, especially since I live on campus.

Mary Cortes
Mainfreight Scholarship recipient

Having this scholarship will give me the safety of not having to work five days a week, so I can concentrate on my studies. I said in my application that I really value the balance between work, study and keeping up a social life, so winning the financial assistance will go a big way towards achieving that.

Georgia Kelly
Pro Vice Chancellor (Business) Academic Excellence Scholarship recipient


Scholarships are available to new and continuing students

We offer a wide range of scholarships to suit students in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. You could be eligible for different scholarships based on your background, chosen study area, hardships you’ve experienced, or your achievements so far.

Financial support removes some of the financial pressure that comes with studying at uni and allows you to spend more time on your studies, which is a key indicator for student success.

Academic and Co-Curricular Awards

Recognising and rewarding student excellence

The School offers a range of industry funded prizes available in undergraduate and postgraduate courses and programs which recognise and reward academic achievement.

Ranging from money and medals to the provision of, books and vouchers, many awards are supplied through the generous donation and sponsorship of key partner organisations who share our vision to recognise and reward outstanding students.

BusinessPLUS Scholarships

We're offering a range of BusinessPLUS scholarships which are designed to reward potential as well as excellence. Scholarships can cover tuition fees, education and living expenses. You can apply if you are coming straight from year 12, or if you have left high school and are applying to start an undergraduate university degree for the first time. They add to over 600 scholarships available at Griffith. You can also apply for multiple scholarships with just one application; we’ll match you with the Griffith University scholarship you are eligible for.

BusinessPLUS Scholarships

Valued between $15,000–$20,000

These scholarships are available to assist and support motivated, ambitious and high-achieving students seeking admission into an undergraduate business, commerce or government degree of their choice hosted by Griffith Business School.

Eligibility applies.

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Valued between $7,500–$10,000

These scholarships are available to encourage motivated and ambitious candidates to pursue study of an undergraduate degree hosted by Griffith Business School.

Eligibility applies.

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Valued between $15,000–$20,000

These scholarships are available to assist and support motivated, ambitious and high-achieving students seeking admission to an undergraduate business, commerce, or government degree of their choice hosted by Griffith Business School.

Eligibility applies.

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When you study Business at Griffith you get more than just a high-quality degree. You get the BusinessPLUS advantage. BusinessPLUS is a program designed to give Griffith business school students the skills and networks they will later rely on in the workplace. Open to any Griffith Business School student, the program caters for beginners as well as those who have more advanced skills. BusinessPLUS combines skills based, career management training with opportunities for internships, our mentoring program and industry engagement projects that introduce you to the business networks you’ll rely on later.


$10,000 top-up allowance per annum for 3 years.

Griffith Business School is offering up to five top-up scholarships to new PhD candidates in research areas across our six departments.

Successful applicants advised at time of scholarship offer.

Scholarship Information

Griffith Business School is awarding up to five prestigious top-up scholarships to outstanding new PhD candidates to work with our world-renowned researchers on PhD projects in the area of business research.

The top-up scholarships are designed to support and encourage top-quality PhD research by providing successful candidates an additional $10,000 per year on top of their PhD Scholarship stipend for three years duration, contingent on satisfactory progress.

The top-up scholarships are an allowance of $10,000 per annum paid as a fortnightly stipend. The Scholarships will be awarded for up to three years.

The top-up scholarships are available to domestic and international candidates who:

  • are new candidates who have an Honours 1 degree (or equivalent) in a relevant field;
  • will be enrolled through Griffith Business School;
  • are also applying for a Research Training Program (RTP) or University-funded scholarship.

There will be no formal application process for new candidates. Griffith Business School scholarship committee will assess applicants who meet the above criteria and will be awarded on a merit based system and awarded by order of overall final rank within the School.

For further details please email:


Winner of the 2018 QBM Griffith MBA Responsible Leadership scholarship Cara Turnley expects companies to increasingly take a stand on important social issues, such as marriage equality, because their employees, customers and clients expect it. She says Griffith's MBA will help her revolutionise the way business and government operate and aid her in becoming a leader of distinction.

“I think that type of trend will keep happening, especially with the younger generation,” she says. Cara believes a lot of millennial workers expect their employers to think the way they do. “Companies are not going to be able retain or recruit the best people if they don’t change the way they think about sustainable business and corporate responsibility,” she says.

Cara’s scholarship is valued at $50,000.

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