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Professor Robert Bianchi

Dr Robert Bianchi has more than 25 years of industry experience in the funds management industry. His research expertise is in the areas of asset allocation, superannuation/pensions, infrastructure investments and alternative assets.

Deputy director

Professor Mark Brimble

Dr Mark Brimble has active research interests in financial markets, sustainable finance, personal finance and finance education. He is a Commonwealth Office for Learning and Teaching National Fellow and is the recipient of numerous teaching and learning grants, citations and awards.

Members and their research expertise

Dr Alexandr Akimov

Emerging market finance, Public sector finance, Energy and carbon markets, Financial education

Dr Sophia Bian

Commodity futures, Socially responsible investments, Alternative investments, Corporate governance

Dr Kerry Bodle

Indigenous business study, Financial literacy, Digital innovation in accounting education, Cash flow versus accrual ratios in predicting corporate takeovers, Bankruptcy prediction modelling & intangible assets

Dr Suzanne Bonner

Labour economics, Behavioural economics, Applied microeconomics

Dr Graham Bornholt

Asset pricing models, Portfolio theory, Alternative measures of risk, Regulated pricing policy, Stock selection modelling, Behavioural finance issues, Decision theory, Experimental economics methods

Ms Whitley Bradford

Women and financial literacy, Behavioral finance, Financial Planning, Debt

Dr Robyn-Ann Cameron

Financial accounting, Accounting education

Associate Professor Andreas Chai

Innovation and demand, Evolutionary economics, Tourism economics, Behavioral barriers to climate change adaption

Associate Professor Richard Chung

Corporate governance, Real estate investment trust, Earning management

Dr Richard Copp

Competition law, Corporations law, Trusts law, Taxation law, Finance law, Criminal law, Disability law

Dr Laura de Zwaan

Superannuation policy, Financial literacy and capability, Personal finance, ESG investing

Professor Michael Drew

Superannuation, pensions and investment management, Target date funds and life-cycle investing, Evaluation of investment performance, Retirement policy

Dr John Fan

Commodities, Empirical asset pricing, Alternative investments, Momentum investing

Professor Brett Freudenberg

Tax transparent companies, Tax and closely held businesses, Arts tax reform, Taxation of Islamic finance, Scholarship of learning and teaching

Ms Leeanne Hodgson

Fraud, Investments, Managed funds

Dr Katherine Hunt

Financial planning relationships, Financial planning, Microfinance, Microfinance law, Law and economics, Development law, Innovation in developing countries

Dr Di Johnson

Personal and household finance, Behavioural economics, Financial planning, Financial product innovation

Dr Jak Kakhkharov

Banking sector development, Emerging markets finance, International finance and investments, International factor movements, Globalization and economic integration

Dr Kanchana Kariyawasam

Intellectual property, Indigenous intellectual property related issues, Commercial law

Dr Bin Li

Empirical asset pricing, Consumption-based asset pricing, Financial market integration, Volatility models, Market efficiency, Applied financial econometrics, International finance and investments

Mr Mingyi Li

Empirical asset pricing, Behavioral finance, Institutional investors, Stock market anomalies

Dr Benjamin Liu

Financial and risk management for financial institutions, Securitisation and structured finance, Capital structure and cost of capital, Asset pricing, International finance and investments, Financial market integration

Dr Kirsten MacDonald

Financial education, Superannuation, Work integrated learning

Dr Mirela Malin

Asset pricing, Multifactor models, Behavioural finance, Investor behaviour models, Momentum and contrarian investing, Combined strategies in stock return predictability

Professor Reza Monem

Corporate governance, Earnings quality and earnings management, Executive compensations, Corporate social responsibility reporting, International accounting

Dr Pelma Rajapakse

Banking and finance law, Legal aspects of structured finance and securitisation, Bankruptcy law, Insurance law, Professional negligence, Consumer protection law

Professor Eduardo Roca

International financial integration, International portfolio diversification, Financial risk management, Alternative investments

Dr Jen-Je Su

Econometrics, Growth and development economics, Financial economics

Dr Neda Todorova

Volatility estimation and forecasting, Informational content of option markets, Asset pricing in incomplete markets, Technical analysis

Dr Tracey West

Household finance, Personal finance

Dr Victor Wong

International portfolio management, International financial markets integration, Sustainable finance / socially responsible investments

Professor Andrew Worthington

Household finance, Financial institutions, Islamic finance, Alternative investments, Public economics- publically provided goods



Higher Degrees Research Students

  • Prince Acheampong
  • Abdullah Alajmi
  • Yasir Alsaedi
  • Mahfod Aldoseri
  • Muhammad Atif
  • Adwin Atmadja
  • Xiaoyue Chen
  • Vanessa Crawford
  • Tania Driver
  • M Luthfi Hamidi
  • Sonja Kobinger
  • Stefen MacAskill
  • Sivathaasan Nadarajah
  • Lan T Nguyen
  • Lan Nguyen
  • Quyhn Chau Pham
  • Radies Purbo
  • Julio Rumokoy
  • Amanda Taylor
  • Deni Wahidin
  • Luo Wang
  • Kejia Yan
  • Tingxi Zhang


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