Pursuing a research project is both a challenging and highly rewarding experience.  Developing high-quality research requires good design, precise use of tools and skill to ensure publication in a top scientific journal.  To assist your scientific progress, we develop and provide ongoing support for research applications.

This includes:

  • Application and tool development - we can help you develop the specifications of your application or tool, from initiation through to product development and completion.
  • Support for developed applications - we provide ongoing support and maintenance of research-related applications and tools including client and user support, data backups and software patching.

Furthermore, we offer consulting services to discuss hardware, software, network resources and online development options. We also partner with researchers on projects and supply skilled staff for short-term periods. Situations will vary depending on the work and funding arrangements so contact us for further information.

This service is available to researchers and HDR students. It does not include:

  • Infrastructure provisioning for non-research based or personal websites.
  • Support for applications and websites developed by other organisational units at Griffith.

For further information on our application development and support services, visit the Office of Digital Solutions Service Catalogue or contact our staff using email eresearch-support@griffith.edu.au, to discuss the many ways we can simplify your research methods.