Capturing research data is one of the longest and most important aspects of a research project. Inaccurate data collection can impact the results of a study and ultimately lead to invalid results and hence, we offer a number of internal/external tools and services to help you easily capture and discover the data you need, and manage participants in your research project.  This includes general and clinical surveys, clinical trial randomisation services, participant management tools, and tools for both generalised and discipline specific data capture including micropscopy, biodiversity, climate change, and urban data. Visit our resources page to access a list of available datasets.

If you are looking for specific software, the software website offers free or subsidised rates for the following applications: MATLAB, Nvivo, SAS, SPSS, ArcGIS and Ansys.

If you're completing your honours, masters or a PhD and need help with your data-intensive project, you should visit HackyHour. Bring your laptop and join us for a free hands-on lesson in many languages, including R, Python, ArcGIS (and soon MATLAB and SPSS) and spend less time wrestling with software and more time doing useful research.

This service is available to researchers and HDR students.  More specific information can be found within each tool listed in the online tools tab. It does not include:

  • Non-research and personal data capture development.
  • Infrastructure provisioning for non-research based or personal websites.
  • Support for data capture, applications and scientific software managed by other organisational units at Griffith.
  • Online Survey Centre - you can create, develop and distribute an online survey, while also providing them with support, documentation, training and data management. Please note that the documentation website is only accessible via Griffith Networks, Griffith Wireless and external computers that are VPNed into the Griffith Network.
  • Clinical Trial Data Management and Survey Tool (REDCap) - web-based application for building and managing online surveys and databases.
  • Clinical Trials Randomisation Service - an automated service that provides random allocation to Randomised Controlled Trials (RTC).
  • Microscopy Portal -  analyse, visualise and store your microscopy images and easily create and customise algorithms to compare multiple samples, plates or batches.
  • Smart Meter Information Portal (SMIP) - A secure service provided to assist researchers from the Smart Water Research Centre in the query and maintenance of water logger details and associated data (logger data, household survey data, logger history).
  • BCCVL - The Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory is an online portal that simplifies the process of biodiversity and climate-change modelling to project future outcomes by combining common experiment types, datasets and processing power.
  • TERN - connects ecosystem scientists and enables them to collect, contribute, store, share and integrate data across disciplines.
  • AURIN -  statistical and spatial modelling, planning and simulation tools, graphing and mapping routines (including 2D and 3D visualisation) using 1800+ datasets covering demography, health, energy, housing, water, etc.

For a full description of our data capture and study participant management services, visit the ODS Service Catalogue page or contact our staff using email to discuss the many ways we can simplify your research methods.