About the service

There are three Wi-Fi networks at Griffith University:

This service supports students and staff to connect wirelessly to Griffith’s online resources (eg. Blackboard, shared drives, Staff portal) and the Internet is enabled through this service. Griffith’s Wi-Fi service supports large range of laptop and mobile devices including:

  • Laptops using Windows 7/8, Vista, XP, Mac OSX, Linux
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices
  • Android, Nokia, Windows phone 7 & Chromebook devices


Students and staff of Griffith University who visit other universities can connect to another university's eduroam Wi-Fi network. eduroam is an agreement between educational institutions to share access to their Wi-Fi networks to enable inter-institutional roaming.

Getting connected to the Griffith University and eduroam Wi-Fi networks

Setup guides are available for various operating systems to configure personal computer to use the Griffith University and eduroam Wi-Fi networks. This only needs to be done once. Once connected to our Wi-Fi network, the following services are also available:

  • Student Wi-Fi Printing - Student Wi-Fi Printing enables printing from a laptop to any campus common use printer
  • Network Storage - Network Storage provides Griffith University staff and students with secure access to personal files stored on the Griffith File Servers

Griffith Public Wi-Fi

Griffith Public Wi-Fi is a pay-per-use Wi-Fi network. It is intended for visiting patrons to Griffith University who do not have a Staff portal account and are not from an eduroam participating institution.

Remote access

We offer a number of way of gaining flexible remote access to university resources including modem dial-up and Wi-Fi broadband, whether in Australia or abroad.

This service is available to

Academic staff, Professional staff, HDR students, Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, Alumni, Visitors


There is no cost associated with the use of this service.

How do I get this service?


(07) 3735 5555 (Brisbane Campuses)

(07) 5552 5555 (Gold Coast Campus)


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