About the service

Support is provided to staff to:

  • Purchase and configure their mobile phone
  • Check billing information
  • Troubleshoot faults with mobile devices
  • Ensure a cost effective and reliable experience when travelling overseas
  • Advise on available equipment to rent.

The self-help support website provides advice on how to configure mobile devices to connect to the wireless network, configure Google, travel overseas and improve mobile signal coverage. Online forms are available to:

This service is available to

Academic staff, Professional staff

What can I expect?

Although mobile devices are not supported as a service, we will aid staff to check basic functions and facilitate the return of faulty devices to vendors for warranty repair. Once the warranty period has expired, support for the device is discontinued.


Costs of purchasing mobile devices are passed through to the requesting school or element.

There are no other costs associated with this service.

How do I get this service?


(07) 3735 5555 (Brisbane Campuses)

(07) 5552 5555 (Gold Coast Campus)


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