About this service

This service assists with the purchase, installation and configuration of desktop computers, laptops and tablets from the approved hardware list.

This service also provides for assistance with disposal of old desktop computers and laptops.

This service is for

  • Staff.

What to expect

  • Providing quotes for computer equipment.
  • Advice on how to order computer equipment.
  • Supply and installation of authorised workstations.
  • Imaging with standard operating environment (operating system software, office productivity suite, antivirus, tools and utilities).
  • Setup of business applications and tools.
  • Configuring printing.
  • Backup and restoration of user data.
  • Asset identification tagging and centralised asset database.
  • Secure erase of data.
  • Appropriate disposal of old computers and hardware.
  • Home computer purchase and configuration.
  • Training.
  • Installation of software products on personally owned computers.

Telephone support is available during Service Centre hours of operation.

Onsite support is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

Equipment purchase costs will be passed through to the requesting department.

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