About the service

Provides system based vulnerability scanning and penetration testing of systems (particularly web applications) to identify system weaknesses.

This service is available to

All IT systems related to Griffith University.

Service Provisions

Service Includes:

  • Self-directed Nessus scan initiated by the cybersecurity team
  • Coordinate external vendor based penetration testing and security assessments
  • Provides patch, configuration, compliance auditing and malware discovery
  • Identify sensitive data (Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial and medical data
  • Identify vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure and services
  • Prioritise the impact of vulnerabilities based on the value and important of the IT service and assets impacted
  • Recommend security controls and countermeasure to mitigate identified weaknesses.

Service Availability

Telephone and onsite support is available from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).


No cost unless additional services are involved.

How do I get this service?


07 3735 8468


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