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Our staff are outstanding teachers and scholars. Their service to students, the practitioner community and scholarship has been recognised both locally and internationally.With experts in fields such as crime analysis, policing, restorative justice, forensic psychology and much more, we can offer you expert knowledge based on cutting edge research.

CCJ Executives

Head of School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Assoc Prof Michael Townsley

Associate Professor Michael Townsley’s research expertise is in spatial and temporal patterns of crime, offender mobility, crime analysis and crime mapping and situational crime prevention.


Griffith Experts

Deputy Head of School (Learning and Teaching)

Assoc Prof Christine Bond

Dr Christine Bond’s research expertise is in sentencing and discretion in criminal justice, social inequality and justice (Indigeneity, race/ethnicity, gender), youth and police and research methods.


Griffith Experts

Deputy Head of School (Research)

Professor Susan Dennison

Susan Dennison is an ARC Future Fellow. Her research focuses on the contexts affecting children’s developmental systems and using evidence-based research to improve outcomes for at-risk children.


Griffith Experts

Griffith Experts

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Staff List

Key Contacts

Undergraduate Program Director - Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Associate Professor Benoit Leclerc

Program Director - Bachelor of Information Technology/ Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Dr Jacqueline Drew

Program Director - Bachelor of Psychological Science/ Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Dr Samantha Jeffries

First Year and Commencing Student Coordinator (Mt Gravatt)

Dr Lacey Schaefer

First Year and Commencing Student Coordinator (Gold Coast)

Dr Jeff Ackerman

Higher Degree by Research Convenor

Dr Elise Sargeant

Postgraduate Director

Dr Louise Porter

Honours Program Convenor

Dr William Wood

Director, Online Learning

Dr Troy Allard

International Convenor

Dr Hennessey Hayes

ACES Coordinator

Dr Li Eriksson

Higher degree by research students

  • Abigail Salole
  • Aiyana Ward
  • Alana Cook
  • Amanda Robertson
  • Andrew Childs
  • Andrew Hedges
  • Angelique Richards
  • Antoinette Smith
  • April Chrzanowski
  • Belinda Mulcahy
  • Brigette Gilbert
  • Charlotte Beaumont-Field
  • Chen-Fu (Ethan)Pai
  • Corey Heldon
  • Corrie Williams
  • David Aspland
  • David Bartlett
  • Ellie Piggott
  • Emily Waters
  • Emily Whitten
  • Emma Mckenzie
  • Francisco Garcia
  • Gemma Williams
  • Georgina Fuller
  • Hamida Zekiroski
  • Hanna Shalbaf
  • Harley Williamson
  • Jaana Haaja
  • Jacqueline Fuller
  • Jerneja Sveticic
  • Jesse Fielder
  • Linet Muthoni
  • Lisa Durnian
  • Lisa Thomsen
  • Lorena Rivas
  • Lucy Forrester
  • Luyang Liu
  • Maleah Kilner
  • Margo Van Felius
  • Marni Manning
  • Masahiro Suzuki
  • Mateja Mihinjac
  • Md Jahirul Islam
  • Melissa Gampe
  • Michael Chataway
  • Mohammed Ali
  • Molly Mccarthy
  • Moses Amagnya
  • Nathan Ryan
  • Nicole Ryan
  • Peter Hosking
  • Rebecca Wallis
  • Reynald Lastra
  • Sandra Smith
  • Shane Doyle
  • Sheena Fleming
  • Siobhan Allen
  • Sjharn Leeson
  • Susan Rayment-Mchugh
  • Tamera Jenkins
  • Thomas Davies
  • Timea Molnar
  • Tsz Wah (Gabriel) Wong
  • Tyler Lawrence Cawthray
  • Vere Lambert-Morris
  • Yolande Robinson
  • Yolonda Adams
  • Zarina Vakhitova