TV influencer

Bachelor of Business/Master of Arts

TV anchor Eva Milic is one of the most familiar faces of the Channel Nine News team in Queensland.

The Griffith graduate has not forgotten the lessons of her Masters of Journalism and Mass Communication, completed after graduating from an undergraduate degree in business at Griffith.

“I was firmly entrenched in my uni life and thrilled with what Griffith had offered me previously, so I was confident that I'd get the best start by sticking with Griffith to do journalism,” Eva recalls of her decision to enrol in the masters.

It was a busy time for the former Miss World Australia, who modelled part-time in order to pay her way through a Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Human Resources) degree.

Having just competed for the Miss World title in South Africa in 2001, she explored South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, meeting anti-Apartheid icon Nelson Mandela along the way.

Upon returning to Australia, Eva threw herself into her pursuit of a journalism career, graduating in 2005 with a masters and having received awards in academic excellence. She says she fought hard to put what she was learning at Griffith into practice.

“I realised early on that if I wanted to be competitive in this industry, I needed to be knocking on doors, constantly putting myself out there and not taking no for an answer. I had a passion for news but I knew I needed to make myself known,” she said.

“My degree definitely still informs my work. It's those basic skills that you learn at university that stay with you.”

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