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Skills for the new economy

The new economy is driven by principles like sustainability, adaptability, diversity and ethics. So you’ll need a degree that ensures you graduate with the new skills employers are looking for. We have redesigned our Bachelor of Business around these principles, so that you develop skills like collaboration, adaptability and creative problem-solving.

Explore our business majors

The Bachelor of Business offers more majors so you can gain specialisations that suit you. So whether you want to be an accountant or an entrepreneur who understands finance and marketing, there’s something for you.


If you have a sharp mind, like problem solving and have an eye for detail, accounting is for you. Accountants provide information and analysis critical to ensuring the financial viability of every business. You'll develop your critical thinking, problem solving and analytical skills and obtain a solid awareness of professional accounting standards and regulation.


You'll be equipped for a career in a range of private or public sector organisations and find work in areas such as accounting, administration, auditing, business management, commercial and taxation law, managerial accounting and taxation. Career paths include government and treasury, forensic accounting, corporate in-house and private practice and consulting.

Asian Business

If you're interested in culture and have international ambitions, this is for you. Asia is a vibrant and significant part of our global economy in the 21st century, particularly for Australia. A major in Asian Business will provide a strong foundation for your future work and engagement with Asian business and management.


You may find career opportunities in government, businesses with overseas profiles, international aid and other non-governmental organisations, news and media organisations, and the education industry in Asia. Working in Asia becomes a possibility with advanced knowledge of the multi-faceted and emerging Asian business environment.

Asian Engagement

Asia is emerging as the world's largest producer and consumer of goods and is populated by dynamic and complex societies. A deep understanding of Asian history, culture, politics and business relations is required to successfully engage throughout Asia in government, commercial and not for profit environments.


As an expert in Asian Engagement in the Asian century, you are well-positioned in bridging gaps and making connections between Asian and Australian businesses, government and non-governmental organisations. Your cultural and academic knowledge will ensure your viability to employers who require authoritative cross-cultural insights.

Behavioural Science

Help people make better decisions with Behavioural Science, which integrates insights and methodologies from economics, psychology and social marketing. By focusing on understanding the social, cognitive and emotional behaviours of individuals and institutions, this major will give you the tools to improve both government and individual choices, putting people at the heart of ethical behaviour change.


Many governments, consultancies and large companies now have behavioural insights teams in order to understand how people make decisions to pursue social and business goals effectively. The analytical, interpersonal and research skills developed throughout the program are ideal for careers in public policy, economics, finance, health, consumer behaviour, education, human resources, organisational development and consulting.

Business Analytics

Digital technologies have led to greater emphasis on data-orientated decision making. There is a growing demand for skills that enable both analysis and presentation of data in business terms, as well as using data to develop strategic insights. This major will help bridge the gap between data specialists and decision makers. You'll acquire skills in identification of data sources, trend analysis and visualisation as well as forecasting and problem solving.


You'll be at the forefront of tomorrow's business decisions by acquiring a 'common language' understandable by both data scientists and business management. You can expect to find roles in analytics and strategy across the spectrum of industry; government, private sector and not for profit, as companies look to gain strategic advantage from data-led decision making.


If you enjoy questioning the causes behind trends and watching how the value of everyday items can have widespread impact, then economics is for you. You'll study how to make decisions based on data, strategic behaviour and its influence on trends, and how a society distributes and uses its resources. You'll also gain knowledge about public policy design and implementation and interpreting statistical data.


Your expertise will be valued by leading banks, government agencies and national policy-makers. In the private sector you can enjoy a lucrative career as a financial analyst, investment consultant, banker, stockbroker, merger and acquisition advisor, to name a few. In the public sector your skills can shape taxation, education, social security, health services and market regulation.

Employment Relations

If you want to help people achieve job satisfaction by supporting their workplace rights, then employment relations will give you skills to make a difference. You'll learn about employment law, labour market issues, wage and payment systems, and occupational health and safety. You'll also learn how to manage relationships between employers and employees.


You'll be able to work as an employment relations manager or consultant, or in roles dealing with workplace planning and policy, managerial strategy, industrial advocacy, occupational health and safety, and workplace negotiation.

Event Management

If you have ambitions to organise rock concerts, community arts festivals, business conferences or sporting events, this major is for you. Event management is an exciting growth industry. You'll develop business skills and specialist knowledge about how to organise, manage and promote events that will put you at the forefront of this industry.


You'll be well prepared for an exciting career working for event and conference organisers in the sport, tourism, marketing, media and cultural sectors, as well as coordinating and managing local or international event portfolios.


If you have an analytical mind and are excited about shaping the future, this could be for you. You'll study finance, banking, financial institution management, financial instruments and markets, risk management, investment management, and sustainable investing. Learn in state-of-the-art trading rooms and have the opportunity to manage real money in our Student Managed Investment Fund.


You'll be prepared for work as a banker, credit analyst, investment banker, investment analyst, research analyst, stockbroker, finance advisor. Opportunities also exist in insurance and superannuation, futures, options, and foreign exchange trading.

Financial Planning

Every Australian can benefit from professional financial advice. Wealth is second only to health when it comes to individual and household well-being. If you're interested in being a trusted professional who works with individuals and families so their money works for them–not the other way around–then this major is for you.


You'll be equipped for a career as a Provisional Financial Advisor*, para-planner and one of the many roles that support the provision of financial advice to consumers. You'll also find opportunities in insurance and superannuation, futures, options and foreign exchange trading. * Additional work and training requirements are required to qualify as a financial adviser.

Government and International Relations

Prepare yourself for exciting career opportunities in business-government relations, global trade and politics, and a range of related areas. You'll be taught by staff at the global leading edge of several fields of politics and international relations, from a department ranked in the top tier of all Australian politics departments.


The Government and International Relations major, along with related work-placement opportunities, prepares students for careers in business-government relations, diplomatic service, public policy, international civil society, international business, political journalism and more.

Human Resource Management

HR management professionals work with people to help them with their careers. In this major, you'll learn about selection and recruitment procedures, staff training, development, performance management, and organisational change. You'll also be able to advise organisations on their staffing needs to enable them to deliver their core business.


You'll graduate with a degree recognised by the Australian Human Resources Institute prepared for a career as a human resource manager or consultant. Human resource professionals work in many sectors including business management, counselling, workforce planning and policy, and recruiting and training staff for the public and private sectors and non-government organisations.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Do you have a creative idea for a new product or service and want to launch your own business or start-up? In this major, you'll learn how to be an effective, innovative and dynamic manager, and graduate with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to develop and manage a successful business.


You'll have an understanding of strategic and operational issues involved in a career in self- employment, or in small business. Create a career by moving from employment to self-employment, pursue the long-term growth of a high-potential new business venture, or become a serial entrepreneur, starting and selling new business ventures repeatedly.

International Business

Interested in business on an international scale and want to work all over the world? This is the major for you. Griffith is a pioneer in the international business sphere, so you'll graduate with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the modern global business world.


You'll be prepared to work with international trade and investment organisations or in the public and private sectors in management, strategic planning, research, corporate–government relations, global operations and public relations.


When you learn a language, you acquire another way to understand yourself and the world. It is a life-changing experience that too many people are afraid to pursue. Study a language and see just how widely it can open your life.

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Modern Greek
  • Spanish


You will be prepared for a career in, translation and interpreting, tourism and hospitality, publishing and journalism, sales and marketing, advertising and public relations, international business, law, commerce, and the arts.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and supply chain management plays a crucial role in business. In this major, you'll learn how to source the best materials for the best price, develop good relationships with suppliers and customers, monitor the movement and storage of raw materials, maintain inventories of stock, and track goods.


You'll be able to work as a logistics and supply chain manager, purchasing manager, business or strategy manager, or export and import operations manager.


If you like to plan, organise, lead and direct people to achieve a specific goal, then management is for you. You'll learn about management's core functions: communication, planning, teamwork, strategy, human resources and self-development. You'll also develop analytical, communication and decision-making skills to add value to any organisation in a range of areas.


Good managers are needed across all sectors and in businesses of all sizes. With this qualification, you can apply your business management knowledge to an area of personal interest and find work in roles as a business manager in human resources, strategy, planning and policy, and training and development.


If you're creative, a good communicator and a quick thinker, marketing is for you. You'll gain perspective on how a market works; its audiences, drivers, barriers and consumer behaviour. You'll also learn about data-driven decision making and identifying target markets. Learn to stay ahead of competitors with effective promotion and advertising.


You'll be able to work in any industry or organisation that needs to promote its products or services, including entertainment and fashion, tourism, advertising, public relations, and business consulting. You might work as a brand manager, marketing manager, advertising account manager, market research analyst, public relations manager or sales manager.

Real Estate and Property Development

Australia has a strong and vibrant property market. In this major you'll gain specialist financial and legal knowledge, as well as project management and negotiation skills. Delivered in close consultation with key industry bodies including the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, the Property Council of Australia and the Urban Development Institute of Australia.


The property sector is expanding around the world, creating a wide range of employment opportunities in the commercial, residential and tourism. You'll be prepared for a career in property finance, development and investment, real estate agency management, project management, and marketing and promoting real estate.

Sport Management

Are you a sport fan? Imagine turning your passion into a fulfilling and exciting career. In this major, you'll develop specialist knowledge of the sport industry and gain solid business skills to enable you to manage professional and not-for-profit sport organisations and clubs.


Sport is big business. You'll find opportunities in government departments, local, national and international sporting clubs and event management organisations. There are also positions in sport tourism, marketing, media and athlete representation.

Sustainable Business

These days savvy consumers expect high quality goods and services that don't cost the Earth. In this major you'll develop analytical, communication and decision-making skills to manage an organisation's social and environmental impact. You'll learn about corporate social responsibility, sustainable business practices and the impact these have on a business's success.


Sustainable business practices are core to the success of modern business. Increasingly, public and private sector organisations are hiring sustainability and corporate social responsibility specialists. As this field continues to grow, you'll find more and more career opportunities in a wide variety of organisations as an employee or consultant.


Tax is central to a modern society affecting individuals and business, as well as providing essential revenue for the government. Tax advisers are critical in assisting individuals and businesses meet their tax obligations, as well as know what tax concessions are available to them. Griffith University is one of a few Australian universities to offer such a structured suite of courses, providing students with more career opportunities, and having a point of distinction when applying for graduate jobs.


The Taxation major complements Griffith's Accounting and 'Financial Planning' majors, as having greater tax knowledge can be an essential part of being an accountant or financial planner. You'll be prepared for a role in a range of private or public sector organisations across the spectrum industry.

Tourism Management

Tourism is one of the world's largest service industries and a key driver of economic development in many destinations around the world–with the skills you'll gain in this major, you can be part of it. Destination marketing and sustainable management of tourism destinations are at the forefront of government and communities.


With this qualification, you could travel the world. Tourism managers are employed by destination marketing organisations and all levels of government throughout Australia and internationally. You'll be able to work on major tourism infrastructure and planning projects, shaping the visitor experience in tourism destinations.

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Jackie Babbage

During four years studying a business and graphic design double degree, Jackie Babbage worked three different roles at three different businesses and completed a university internship with an app development company. Her focus, determination and considerable time management skills brought their reward when she was approached by founder of Riverlife John Sharpe who invited her to interview for a position with the popular Brisbane lifestyle and entertainment venue. Jackie is now involved in the development of marketing strategy, managing the implementation of content and the ongoing improvement of marketing and online presence of all associated Riverlife brands.

Jackie Babbage


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Career outcomes

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With a Griffith business degree, you'll be prepared to use your extensive business skills in a range of increasingly diverse settings including not-for-profit, government and corporate organisations. Career options include

  • international aid and other non-governmental organisations,
  • news and media organisations,
  • employment relations management or consultancy,
  • industrial advocacy,
  • business ownership,
  • franchising,
  • event and conference management,
  • human resource management and workforce planning,
  • advertising account management,
  • market research planning,
  • export and import organisations,
  • global operations management,
  • supply chain coordination,
  • purchasing management,
  • planning and policy,
  • property development,
  • real estate management and promotion,
  • sporting clubs,
  • athlete representation,
  • sustainability and corporate social responsibility,
  • tourism planning projects and infrastructure.

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