State-of-the-art equipment and facilities all under one roof

ADaPT integrates all of the Griffith’s key R&D equipment that enables advanced design and prototyping as well as leveraging expertise and equipment located elsewhere on the university’s campuses.

From the latest medical grade metal 3D printer, to advanced post-fabrication processing and nano-technology equipment, ADaPT is a high-tech one-stop-shop.

Want to find out how to book work?

ADaPT use the iLab application to manage all requests.

ADaPT (from 2021)

  • Prominent location on Parklands Drive, opposite Light Rail
  • approximately 9,000 GFA across 7 levels
  • computer aided design (CAD) suites
  • clean rooms for component assembly
  • 3D scanning and fabrication including mixed metal printing
  • other fabrication/post fabrication equipment and processing
  • advanced materials fabrication and characterisation facilities
  • industry training/event/showcase space
  • dedicated industry research and production suites

ADaPT 1.0 Laboratory

Additive Manufacturing:

  • EOS Formiga P110 – 3D print in plastics, specifically Nylon 12 to create usable, real plastic models with predictable mechanical properties.  Used for early stage prototyping, surgical guides and bone models, complex arts displays and engineering assembly development.
  • Renishaw AM400 – Industrial grade metal 3D printing, in materials such as Titanium, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Cobalt Chrome. Used for prototyping, and end use parts in orthopaedic implants, tooling, manifolds, aerospace components (structural and engines), heat exchangers and visual arts.

Machine shop:

  • Wire EDM – A wire cutter for difficult to cut materials, such as those produced on the Renishaw.  Very useful for finishing parts, creating complex curved surfaces and smooth finishes. Also good for bulk cutting operations, where a large part has to be cut from a substrate.


  • 6 degree of freedom machine: Useful to test and validate medical implants in physiologically relevant environments.  Effectively replicates what happens in the body when a movement or series of movements occur.  Can duplicate any specific discreet biomechanical movement, therefore creating an environment to analyse the real world performance of an implantable device.

3D Collaboration Space:

  • High End Dell workstations with access to industry standard software and commercial licensing.
  • Team friendly environment, to allow interdisciplinary teams to effectively collaborate.
  • AV conferencing facilities.

ADaPT 1.0 – Software:

  • Materialise Suites: Magics, 3-Matic and Mimics providing a powerful platform to design for Additive Manufacturing.
  • SolidWorks Premium including Solidworks Simulation.
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Fusion 360
  • Keyshot Pro
  • Power Surfacing RE
  • Rhino

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