At ADaPT we engineer next-generation biomedical and industrial applications

ADaPT brings together multi-disciplinary expertise across Griffith University in collaboration with leading industry partners to push the boundaries in advanced custom design, rapid prototyping and new materials, in what is called the ‘next industrial revolution’ or Industry 4.0.

With advanced design at its centre and collaboration at its core, ADaPT combines leading-edge expertise in micro and nanoscience, complex imaging, 3D digital scanning, 3D functional modelling, bioengineering, industrial design, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and specialist expertise in designing advanced manufacturing processes.

ADaPT is equipped with extensive 3D printing technologies including multiple metal, polymer and bio printing capabilities.


From concept to data gathering and analysis, the creation of functional 3D Models (or Digital Twins), prototyping using 3D printing and design technologies and exciting new nano materials, to physical testing and then final production of prototype products, Industry 4.0 brings all stages of developing new products into the digital realm. A ‘digital thread’ connects all stages of the product/medical device lifecycle.

This is the future of advanced design, manufacturing and medicine.

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Adapting new technology to personalise medicine

Griffith’s Advanced Design and Prototyping Technologies Institute (ADaPT) is leading the way in next-generation biomedical and industrial applications. Thanks to their current work in world-first personalised digital twin research, the future of medicine will be designed and delivered individually.

How ADaPT will work

ADaPT will be built around a ‘Core’ – a modelling, digital design and prototype testing group - and will host a number of R&D groups who access and contribute to the Core in their specialist fields.

The Core will offer a workflow (digital thread) starting with data acquisition and proceeding through functional modelling (digital twins), use of new materials, 3D digital design, virtual testing, fabrication of prototypes to physical and functional testing of prototypes.

The ADaPT core will work as a service unit for Griffith researchers and external clients.

Work with us

ADaPT works with leading industry partners with opportunities for projects in the following areas:

  • Health and Medical
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Environmental management
  • Sports technologies
  • Creative arts and film
  • Humanitarian logistics

Featured Project

Spinal and Neurological Repair and Rehabilitation

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Our experts

Our facilities

Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct

The 200 hectare GCHKP, which includes Griffith University’s campus, is Asia-Pacific’s emerging hub for health and innovation, research collaboration and jobs of the future.

ADaPT is expected to attract leading global companies into the Precinct with greenfield land and leasing opportunities available.


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