Right to Information is the Queensland Government's approach to giving the community greater access to information. This approach applies to the University.

The Queensland Government has made a commitment to provide access to information held by the Government, unless on balance it is contrary to the public interest.

Right to Information aims to provide equal access to information across all sectors of the community, and provide appropriate protection for the privacy of individuals.

Visit Queensland Government’s - Right to Information for further information, including legislation and application forms.

Information Privacy

Queensland’s privacy regime is set out in the Information Privacy Act 2009. Under this Act, the University is legally required to comply with the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs), which are set out in Schedule 3 to the Act. The IPPs cover the collection, storage, use, disclosure and access obligations of agencies. Under the Act, agencies are required to take reasonable steps to protect the personal information they hold from misuse and loss, from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

The University is committed to the objectives of the IP Act and has implemented a Privacy Plan that is based on the following principles:

  • the University supports responsible and transparent handling of personal information;
  • the University respects an individual's right to know how their personal information will be collected, used, disclosed, stored and disposed of; and
  • adequate privacy protection is a necessary condition for the University to participate in e-communications and e-transactions.

The University welcomes community engagement about access to information held by the University. Further information can be obtained from the Griffith University Privacy Plan.

Information Asset Register

Listing our Information Assets in an Information asset register ensures that the University's information is identified, defined and organised in a way that will facilitate access and re-use of this information. The Information Asset Register will assist to avoid any unnecessary duplication of information, systems and processes.

Accessing information

Griffith University releases information administratively and proactively where possible with considerable information publicly available on the Griffith website. Information can be accessed via:

  • the University's website or in the Publications Scheme
  • information included in the Disclosure Log
  • making a Right to Information (RTI) access application or Information Privacy (IP) amendment application

The University's Right to Information Officer is the Chief Operating Officer, Mr Peter Bryant. Initial enquiries about accessing information in the University may be made to Right to Information Services, Office of the Chief Operating Officer on (07) 373 55586 or email rti@griffith.edu.au.

Accessing Information by Requesting and Administrative Release

Making a Right to Information (RTI) or Information Privacy ( IP ) access application

Processing your RTI application

Disclosure log

The disclosure log makes non-personal information disclosed to an applicant under the Right to Information Act 2009 available to a wider public audience. Under the Act, information of a sensitive nature — for example personal details or information considered commercial  and in confidence — is removed from the documents prior to their release.

Date of Decision on application, number of pages Topic or information requested How to access

15 April 2010 (Ref: LSU5000)

11 documents in total

Copy of petition, correspondence between the University and the Criminal Justice Commission (CJC), and internal audit results covering the following subject matter:

1. Petition submitted to the University Council in September 1991 in relation to the maladministration of the Griffith University Representative Council

2. Results of any investigation by the Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) in relation to the petition

3. Audit conducted by the University arising from petition allegations

Copies of the released documents may be obtained by emailing a request with details to rti@griffith.edu.au

1 April 2015 (Ref: LSU9628)

1 document (21 pages)

Copy of the report on the University's Criminology Research dated 13 October 2014

Copies of the released document may be obtained by emailing a request with details to rti@griffith.edu.au

If you have any question regarding the Disclosure Log, contact Right to Information Services, Office of the Vice President (Corporate Services), by telephone on (07) 373 55586 or email rti@griffith.edu.au.

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