Support for all new students to our school

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Peer Mentoring program supports the transition of all students to programs within the School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology.

This includes students transitioning from other undergraduate degrees at Griffith and Master of Pharmacy students, who may not be new to this university but are new to our school.

Mentoring benefits

If you're new to our school, the aim of this program is to support you through your first trimester with us.

Many students find this program also helps them forge friendships that last throughout their degree and beyond.

Our mentors

Our mentors range from second-year students to fifth-year Master of Pharmacy students. They are a friendly, enthusiastic group who want to meet new students and share their experiences.

As well as supporting Orientation Day activities, our peer mentors share tips and tricks with new students to make the transition to learning with us as smooth as possible.

Program coordinator

If you have any queries about this program, email our program coordinator.

James Townshend

Mentoring roles

Learn more about the roles within our mentoring programs at Griffith, and discover associated benefits and resources.

Contact us

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