Support for new medical science students

The School of Medical Science Mentor Program began in 2007 and offers a very successful integration rate for new students to Griffith University.

On Orientation Day, first-year students are placed in small groups and matched with a mentor, who offers support and guidance during the first seven weeks of trimester.

Through regular meetings with their mentees, mentors can help our those who are unsure or have questions about their role as a student.

This is a Gold Coast-based program.

Benefits of mentoring

This program enables our new undergraduate students to become familiar with university procedures and gain the skills to access academic support and social services.

The program helps new students assimilate into their new surroundings and create a happy university life and academic success.

Our mentors

Our mentors are highly motivated second or third-year students who volunteer to share their experience with students.

Being a mentor provides a firm founding for interaction with peers, for forming social networks, and leadership skills. Some of our mentors have gone on to become teaching assistants and tutors.

Mentors attend training to ensure they are confident in their role.

Program coordinators

For more information about this program, get in touch with our program coordinators.

Dr Abdullah Karaksha

Office location: G05_3.15

(07) 5552 9569

Ms Victoria Wheeler

Office location: G05_2.18

(07) 5552 9567

Mentoring roles

Learn more about the roles within our mentoring programs at Griffith, and discover associated benefits and resources.

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