Guidance for new government and international relations students

This program assigns first-year School of Government and International Relations students a mentor who is further along in their study journey.

Mentors help guide our new students through university life, helping them to navigate the campus and school events, and provide study tips.

The program, which is based at the Nathan campus, aims to build friendships within the government and international relations cohort and create a more cohesive group within the degree.

How the program works

Every first-year student studying government and international relations as a single or dual degree will automatically be assigned a mentor. If you a re a new student, it's up to you whether you take up this opportunity. Mentors are assigned to groups of around five to 10 mentees and have access to first-year courses. Mentors also have up-to-date information regarding on program events.

Program coordinator

For more information about this program, contact the program coordinator for details.

Dr Tom Conley

Glyn David Building N72_-1.36

(07) 373 57071

Mentoring roles

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