A one-year program for new education students

This program links first-year Bachelor of Education students with experienced student mentors, who understand and offer advice surrounding academic integrity, course descriptions, assessment load, university expectations and time management.

The program also aims to heighten the five senses of success: academic culture, connectedness, capability, purpose and resourcefulness.

How the program works

The Education and Professional Studies Mentoring Program is conducted over a year. The program's activities provide valuable strategies and support for first-year students enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program. Mentors regularly meet and communicate with the first-year mentees at least once a week during Weeks 1 to 12 of Trimesters 1 and 2.

Mentors also meet regularly with their program coordinator to discuss action strategies, evaluate current practices and discuss any issues arising from mentees' first year experience. Formal evaluations are also conducted throughout the year, which allow data top be collected from mentors and mentees to help tailor the program further.

Program coordinators

For more information on this program, contact the coordinator on your campus.

Dr Kevin Larkin

Gold Coast

Dr Loraine McKay

Logan and Mt Gravatt

Mentoring roles

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