Guidance and support for new midwifery students

This program matches first-year students with dedicated second and third-year students to help with the transition to university study.

Facilitating socialisation, the program helps new students access relevant resources and support, as well as clarify expectations in the learning environment.

The program is based at the Logan campus.

Mentoring benefits

Our mentoring aims to promote a sense of collegiality and competence.

As a new student in this program, you may make new friends and develop resourcefulness and resilience as a future professional.

As a mentor, you can enhance your employability and graduate success.

Our mentors

Mentors in the Midwifery Peer Mentoring Program:

  • provide connections for social networking,
  • focus on shared experiences
  • offer encouragement
  • are supportive listeners
  • operate as a point of contact and referral.

Program coordinator

For more information about this program, contact the program coordinator for details.

Jennifer Eustace

Mentoring roles

Learn more about the roles within our mentoring programs at Griffith, and discover associated benefits and resources.

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