Join Sports College

If you compete at a state, national or international level in your sport, you might be eligible to join the Griffith Sports College. Elite athletes are identified as participating in an Australian Institute of Sport and Griffith University recognised sport.

Am I an elite athlete?

An elite athlete is identified and recognised by the Australian Institute of Sport and Griffith University, on the advice of state academies or institutes, state or national sporting organisations, professional sporting clubs or recognised players associations.

When you apply to the Griffith Sports College you will be considered for Sports College benefits pending your acceptance to University. Furthermore, this application allows us to track your QTAC admissions process, and consider direct entry.

How to Apply

Please read the following instructions carefully. Failure to follow these instructions will result in incorrectly completed forms and delays in processing your application.

  1. Click the link below to open the form.                                       Please note: right click to open the form in a new tab.
  2. Save the form to your computer
  3. Re-open the form from where you saved it on your computer.     Do not complete the form in the browser.
  4. Complete the form electronically.  Do not print.
  5. Save the completed form.
  6. Upload the completed form as an attachment.

Sport scholarships

We offer a range of scholarships for elite athletes who have excelled in their chosen sport