Gaining secure access to University buildings

Griffith University aims to ensure the safety and security of all staff and students on the campus at all times. There are also various forms of building access around the University. University staff and students can help contribute to the campus' safe environment.

Buildings access

Staff building access requires approval from a relevant staff member, helping to ensure the continuous safety of all staff and students on campus. Staff sNumber, building name, building number and time frame of access is to be provided in order to gain access. Certain buildings around the University have varying access times throughout the day; 7 am - 7 pm, 7 am - 10 pm, 24 hours for example.

After hours and weekends

Arrangements for extensions of hours or after-hours use of facilities such as computer labs are the responsibility of the controlling School or Element. The controlling School or Element must make arrangements for monitoring and lock-up if extended hours are required for any reason. Contact your Head of School or Element Director who will convey the request to Security.

Building access options:

Request an access card

Request building access Check building access

Please note, zingers and plastic sleeves for access cards are now required to be ordered on Griffith Marketplace via Winc.

Change building access

Tips to keep stay secure on campus:

  • always lock your office, even when you are leaving it only for a short while
  • never leave valuable items of property unsecured and unattended
  • never lend anyone your office keys, ID card or access card
  • keys and combinations should not be left in desk drawers
  • ensure your office personal computer is secure
  • do not wedge doors open
  • ensure all confidential information and data is secure
  • large sums of cash should be banked at the end of the day and safes locked at all times
  • report suspicious persons/activity in your area to campus Security immediately
  • turn off air-conditioning, heaters, fans and urns when leaving work
  • if working or studying after hours, please advise campus Security when you arrive and when you leave
  • report broken locks, blown lights, overgrown trees and shrubs that may provide hiding places and other security deficiencies in your work or study area to Maintenance on (07) 3735 8888

Report an incident

If you see or are involved in an incident, please report it to the University or the police

Change your building access

Please contact the relevant staff member in the appropriate element for any changes to building electronic access requirements.

If the element is not listed or the required access is under an unknown element, please complete the Building access request form.

Other roles: System managers supervise access for a campus. System operators can view alarms for areas, create and delete reports and perform overrides on doors.

Card programmers

Card programmers edit cardholder information, create cardholders and assign expiration dates for cardholders.

Find your Card programmer

Card programmers

Gallagher Command Centre

Gallagher is the University’s Access Control System. It controls entry to most of the buildings, lifts and boom gates. The Command Centre software is used to manage, assign and delete security access on swipe cards. The videos below are a step by step guide on how to use the software.

  1. Gallagher Training - Logging in (mp4)
  2. Gallagher Training - Adding access (mp4)
  3. Gallagher Training - Adding expiries (mp4)
  4. Gallagher Training - Adding / removing an access card (mp4)
  5. Gallagher Training - Creating a new cardholder (mp4)

Gallagher Command Centre Card Access User Guide

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