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About iLab

  • Find out what iLab is and how Griffith University is currently using it in What is iLab? below.
  • If you need to understand iLab terminology or more about the tool, please view the Vital Concepts below.

Registering for iLab

Before using iLab you need to know a few things:

  • Do you have an sNumber? More...
  • Do you know of a Lab you that you can access? More...
  • Does the Lab have at least one source of funds set up? eg speedtype and class? More...

If your answer is 'yes' to all of the above, then click on the links below to register:

GUIDE: New Internal (Griffith University) iLab User Registration


Help and support



A series of guides are available below. These guides are focused on common things you will need to know to use iLab.

In trouble?

The troubleshooting tool below will help you to solve common issues with using the iLab application. It has a few simple tips and tricks to help improve your experience.


  1. the first point of contact is the manager of the facility you want to use.
    1. Griffith Analytical Facility (formerly Stable Isotope Laboratory)
    2. Compounds Australia
    3. Sciences Workshops - Electronics and Mechanical
    4. Advanced Design and Prototyping Technologies (ADaPT)
    5. Institute for Glycomics
    6. Griffith Health Group - Imaging Core and Analytics Core
    7. Clinical Trial Unit
  2. To find out how iLab can help your facility, read the iLab Summary.
  3. For more information about iLab or if you need specific support please email us at ilab@griffith.edu.au

Starting out with iLab

A quick start guide

Follow each step below to prepare yourself to register for iLab and make a request from one of these facilities.

What is iLab?

Why do I need to be in a lab?

Choosing a Lab when signing up?

I want to register!

Vital Concepts - Terms for Entities in iLab

Vital Concepts - Terms for People and Roles in iLab

Vital Concepts - Tools and Features

How do I join a second Lab?

Adding speedtypes and classes

anchor for snumber

What is an sNumber?

Do you have a Griffith University sNumber? (eg s1234567)

If not, then you may need to get one:

  • Are you a Griffith student, staff member or researcher?

    You should already have an sNumber that you use to access your email and log into university systems. If you need help, contact the Library staff to assist you.

Before you can register in iLab

iLab allows you to purchase services or products from facilities across Griffith University. When you register for iLab, you need permission from a PeopleSoft account holder to spend money from a financial account (eg speedtype and class).

Know at least one Lab

iLab allows people who own financial accounts to manage funds being spent at certain Griffiths facilities. Before you can sign up to iLab you need the name of a Lab that you should use to provide the funds for the work you need done.

The process to request work is:

  • Find a Lab name you should use
  • Register yourself in iLab
  • Wait for Lab owner or Principle Investigator (PI) to accept your request
  • PI gives you access to an account
  • Log into iLab
  • Raise a new request

If you are not sure what a Lab is then refer to the FAQ below.

TIP: Make sure that you contact the PI and let them know you have signed up. If the PI does not give you access to a source of payment (speedype and class or purchase order) then you won’t be able to request anything!

Maybe you need a Lab of your own?

If you are an account holder, you may need a Lab of your own. If you are not sure then speak to your school administrator or your financial consultant.

If you do need a new Lab then you must register in iLab first so that your login can be used in the creation process. During registration, choose the Admin (Griffith) Lab. See the Guides below for the full registration process.

Important: To request a new Lab, please complete the iLab New Lab Request form.


A Lab owner is the person with the financial responsibility for the financial accounts covered by the Lab. A person can be a Lab owner (known as a Principle Investigator or PI in iLab) in multiple Labs AND a member of another Lab owned by someone else. A Lab must have at least one person in it. In general, Labs for Griffith are named for the PI.

For instance, if Kim Yi had research funds available to her in her own speedtype and class (fund) in PeopleSoft, she should request a Lab. The iLab Administrator will create a Lab named, “Yi, Kim (Griffith) Lab”. Once the Lab is created, Kim could go into iLab and manage her Lab.

As PI, Kim can add other registered iLab users into her Lab and assign them access to one or more funds.

Perhaps Janos Flynt is one of Kim’s PhD candidates. Janos is working on an engineering project that needs some electronic circuitry created. Kim wants Janos to oversee the design and construction of the item so she suggests Janos register in iLab.

As he is a new user, Janos selects Yi, Kim (Griffith) Lab when he registers. iLab sends an email to Kim letting her know that she should accept Janos into her Lab. Kim  should assign Janos access to at least one fund, otherwise he will not be able to submit requests. Kim will still be asked to approve Janos’ spending on the fund before work commences.


User type



Internal staff and students

External organisations and universities


How do I request work or a quote?


How do I approve a quote?


How do I check on progress?


How do I find the Labs I am managing?


Do I get to approve spending?


How can I see what requests have been made by people in my Lab?


How do I approve Lab members and assign them accounts?


How do I remove people from my Lab?


How do I manage Speedtypes and Classes in my lab?


GSM Support Forms

New Lab request

FORM:Request a new Lab

Note, if you wish to join an existing Lab then please do not use this form. Rather, contact the lab owner/PI directly.

Before you request a new Lab make sure you have the following information handy:

  • Your name
  • Purpose of Lab
  • Your role (Supervisor, Research Leader, Technical Manager etc)
  • Your work area (eg School, Department, Office)
  • Speedtype
  • Class
  • Your best contact phone number

Add / remove account request

FORM:Request account change

Before you request a change make sure you have the following information handy:

  • Your name
  • Your Lab
  • Speedtype
  • Class
  • Your best contact phone number


If you are experiencing problems using iLab, you should follow this process:

User Support Process Diagram

  1. Logout of iLab (if logged in) and close browser. Restart browser.
  2. Access this site and review Starting Out with iLab and Guides above.
  3. Access the vendor (Agilent) support page https://help.ilab.agilent.com/
  4. Contact the manager of the facility you are trying to use. See Contacts above.
  5. If you need support with creating Labs or accounts email the Institution Administrator at ilab@griffith.edu.au