Extreme heat events are becoming more frequent and intense, leaving older people more vulnerable in the community

Researchers at Griffith University are partnering with the older members of the community to develop a heat health early warning system in the home to ensure they and others can continue to live at home safely and comfortably.

The Ethos project’s in-home solution will allow older people and carers to:

  • monitor heat exposure
  • identify risk in the home
  • respond to heat-associated risks
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Sustainable Development Goals

Griffith University is aligned to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is committed to ensuring good health and wellbeing, reducing inequalities and combating climate change, working towards a healthier, fairer and more sustainable world for all.

Heat Health and Aging

Learn about heat health especially for older members of our community:

Claire's warning: Heat, humidity and health

Martin’s story: Why does age increase heat risk?

Heatwave ready: Stay safe during hot weather!


Our multidisciplinary team brings a rich diversity of backgrounds and expertise, driving innovation from a range of perspectives.

Meet our team


We are inviting older Queenslanders to register their interest in participating in the in-home trials of the heat health early warning system during the 2024-2025 (Phase 2) summer period. Be a part of this important work.

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The Ethos team wants to hear how heat affects you. Share your experiences, coping strategies, and ideas to beat the heat.

Be one of our valued research participants.

Community events

Griffith hosted-events for older people, carers, policy makers, technical experts and researchers discuss heat-health issues.

Focus groups

Smaller groups exploring more in-depth issues raised through other research activities.

Technology pilot

Testing digital technology in the home.

Reference group

Establishing a reference group that supports the EtHOs project steering committee. 


If you are interested in learning more about the Ethos project or getting involved, you are welcome to reach out to us.