ARC (Australian Research Council) Australian Laureate Fellows

ARC Federation Fellows

ARC Future Fellows

  • Professor Maxime Aubert for 'The unknown 'Ice Age' artists of Borneo'
  • Professor Kai He of Griffith Asia Institute for ‘Contested Multilateralism 2.0 and Asia Pacific Security’
  • Associate Professor Adam Brumm of Environmental Futures Research Institute for ‘Extinct hominins and early humans on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi’
  • Dr Julien Louys of Environmental Futures Research Institute for ‘Sumatra’s role in ancient human movements and evolution’
  • Dr Daniel Kolarich of Institute for Glycomics for ‘Carbohydrate Language Changes in Vertebrate-Pathogen Co-evolution’
  • Dr Mathieu Duval for ‘Tracing the Mediterranean history of early humans’
  • Dr Hui Feng of Griffith Asia Institute for ‘The internationalisation of China's currency and how it impacts on Australia’.
  • Professor Elena Marchetti of Law Futures Centre for ‘Nothing works? Re-appraising research on Indigenous-focused crime and justice programs’
  • Professor Sue Harris-Rimmer of Law Futures Centre for ‘Trading' Women's Rights in Transitions: Designing Diplomatic Interventions in Afghanistan and Myanmar’
  • Professor Allison Waters of School of Applied Psychology for ‘Changing the lives of young Australians with emotional disorders using a simple three-step treatment based on cognitive-neuroscience insights’
  • Professor Sue Jackson of Australian Rivers Institute for ‘Recasting solutions to the Murray Darling Basin crisis: recognising and valuing the role of indigenous people’
  • Associate Professor Sara Davies of Centre for Governance and Public Policy / Griffith Asia Institute for ‘Security and Health Diplomacy: A Necessary Partnership?’
  • Professor Zhiyong Tang of Environmental Futures Research Institute for ‘Self-Assembly of Inorganic Nanoparticles and Biocatalyst Proteins for Artificial Photosynthesis’
  • Dr Erik Streed of Centre for Quantum Dynamics for ‘Trapped Ion Imaging for Biomolecular Dynamics’
  • Associate Professor Matthew Burke of Cities Research Centre for ‘Exploring the effects and maximising the benefits of the Gold Coast Rapid Transit project’
  • Professor Huagui Yang of Environmental Futures Research Institute for ‘Solar-Driven Thermochemical Dissociation of Carbon Dioxide and Water to Produce Carbon-Neutral Fuels’
  • Associate Professor Thomas Haselhorst of Institute for Glycomics for ‘Structural Insights of Virus-Glycan Interactions’
  • Professor Suzanne Chambers of Menzies Health Institute Queensland for ‘Psychosocial intervention to improve psychological and quality of life outcomes after cancer’

Past Future Fellows

  • Professor Geoff Pryde of Centre for Quantum Dynamics for ‘Fundamental quantum science for advancing optical quantum technologies’
  • Professor Sally-Ann Poulsen of Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery for ‘Development of small molecule primary sulfonamides as new drugs for malaria’
  • Associate Professor Wesley Widmaier of Griffith Business School for ‘Constructing the Next Crisis: Ideas, Economic, Policy, and the Social Limits to Reform’
  • Associate Professor Jason Peart of Menzies Health Institute Queensland for ‘Stress-sensing and cytoprotection in ageing and disease’
  • Professor Regina Ganter of School of Humanities, Languages & Social Sciences for ‘German-speakers in the Australian indigenous encounter: ethnographers, collectors, missionaries’
  • Professor Stephen Billett of Griffith Institute for Educational Research for ‘Enhancing practice-based learning experiences: towards a curriculum, pedagogy and epistemology of practice’
  • Associate Professor Kaile Su of the Institute for Integrated and Intelligent Systems for ‘Model Checking Multi-Agent System Its Applications’
  • Associate Professor Bruce Buchan of Griffith Criminology Institute for ‘A Colonial and Conceptual History of Asymmetric Warfare and Security’
  • Professor Susan Dennison of School of Criminology and Criminal Justice for ‘What about the children? A study of the intergenerational consequences of paternal incarceration’
  • Professor Shanqing Zhang of Environmental Futures Research Institute for ‘Development of a photoelectrochemical system based on titanium dioxide nanotubes/boron doped diamond heterojunction for online water quality monitoring’
  • Professor Kathy Andrews of Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery for ‘New drugs for malaria that target histone deacetylases’
  • Professor Stephen Smallbone of School of Criminology and Criminal Justice for ‘Testing theoretical propositions concerning the onset and progression of child-sex offending, and field testing a new sexual abuse prevention model’


  • Dr Lyndel Bates for 'The road to compliance: Integrating three theories'
  • Dr Yi Jia for 'Monatomic metal doping of carbon-based nanomaterials for hydrogen storage'
  • Dr Chantal Lanctot for 'What happens to toxic metals during frog metamorphosis?'
  • Dr Lee Morgenbesser for 'The rise of sophisticated authoritarianism in Southeast Asia'
  • Dr Adele Pavlidis for 'Women and rise of contact sport'
  • Dr Nina Westera for ‘Improved interviewing framework in sexual assault cases’
  • Dr Thomas Ve for ‘Structural Basis of Paramyxovirus Host-Cell Entry’
  • Dr Porun Liu for ‘Catalytically active surface for hydrogen evolution’
  • Dr Say Hwa Tan for ‘A microfluidic platform for optimised detection of protein complexes’
  • Dr Gerardo Paz Silva for ‘Self-calibrating quantum devices’
  • Dr Michelle Langley for ‘Australia's Living Technologies: Bone Tools from First Peoples to Contact’
  • Dr Chris Brown for ‘Predicting fisheries change from cumulative impacts to aquatic habitats’
  • Dr Duan Biggs for ‘Navigating the complexity of conservation's illegal wildlife trade crisis’
  • Dr Ziyang Huo for ‘Nanowire photoelectrodes for carbon dioxide conversion’
  • Dr Yulin Zhong for ‘Non-Oxidative and Scalable Electrochemical Production of Functional Graphene and its Nanohybrids’
  • Dr Santosh Rudrawar for ‘Development of Innovative Chemical Tools for Studying Glycosyltransferases’
  • Dr Lara Herrero for ‘A glycomics approach towards the discovery of novel markers of virus transmission by mosquitoes’
  • Dr Yorick Smaal for ‘Boys and sexual abuse: rethinking victim and offender categories’
  • Professor Maxime Aubert for ‘The oldest rock art in Asia and the early human occupation of island Southeast Asia’
  • Associate Professor Benoit Gilbert for ‘Behaviour and reliability of Veneer Based Composite structures manufactured from waste hardwood plantation thinning’
  • Dr Will Bennett for ‘In situ measurements to investigate the mobilisation and speciation of emerging and priority oxyanionic contaminants in water, sediment, and soil’
  • Dr Han Xu for ‘Efficient High-Order Harmonic Generation Using Dissociating Molecular Ions with Controlled Inter-Nuclear Separation’
  • Dr Simon Linke for ‘Planning for rare aquatic species: Conservation and restoration priorities at local and continental scales’
  • Associate Professor Mirko Lobino for ‘Lithium Niobate Integrated Quantum Photonics for Cluster State Quantum Information with Continuous Variables’

Past DECRA Fellows:

NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) Australia Fellows

NHMRC Research Fellows

  • Professor Michael Jennings for 'Targeting glycointeractions to generate new opportunities to treat and prevent bacterial infections'
  • Professor Paul Scuffham for 'Striking the balance: Combining best patient outcomes and cost-effective interventions to manage cardiovascular disease'
  • Professor Suresh Mahalingham for ‘New insights into viral inflammatory disease mechanisms and approaches to therapy’

NHMRC Senior Research Fellows

  • Professor Michele Sterling for ‘Whiplash injury: Mechanisms, prediction and directives for improved management strategies’

NHMRC Career Development Fellows

  • Dr Lara Herrero for ‘The role of glycans in arboviral disease; from immunomodulation to glycotherapeutic treatment strategies’
  • Associate Professor Kate Seib for ‘Investigating variable protein expression in human pathogens as a means to understand disease processes and to optimise the selection of vaccine antigens’
  • Dr Muhammad Shiddiky for ‘Microfluidic Strategy for Circulating Tumour Cells Analysis in Cancer Patients’

NHMRC Early Career Fellows

  • Dr Amanda Ullman for 'Innovation to improve the experience and outcomes of paediatric central venous access devices: the e-Vascular Access Passport'
  • Dr David Trembath for ‘Improving Treatment Outcomes for Children with Autism
  • Dr Lauren Ball for ‘Preventing Chronic Disease Through Improved Dietary Behaviours: Developing and Implementing a Nutrition Intervention for Patients in Partnership with Practice Nurses (PPPNs) using the Knowledge to Action framework’
  • Dr Javier Chen for ‘Novel insights into the mechanisms of how chikungunya virus causes human disease and discovering new treatment strategies’.