Change in enrolment status

It is your responsibility to notify the US Department of Veteran Affairs if you reduce your hours of enrolment, withdraw from a course, terminate your enrolment or make any changes that could affect your payment status. If you withdraw or drop a course, you may have to repay all or part of the benefits you received.

Change of address

You must let us know if you change your address, using myGriffith. You are also required to mail a change of address form (VA Form 572) to the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Incomplete grades

A not available, deferred or supplementary assessment(s) grade for undergraduate and graduate students must be converted to a permanent grade within one year from the date it is assigned or benefits for that course will be terminated, which may result in an overpayment liability. Graduate research courses are excluded from this provision.

Repeating a subject

The US Department of Veteran Affairs will not pay you to repeat a course(s) for which you have received a passing grade (P or higher), whether the course was taken at Griffith University or at another institution of higher learning. It is your responsibility to notify your VA Certifying Official if you are repeating a course under approved circumstances. If proper notification is not provided, an overpayment may occur and you will be held liable for repayment.

Non-required subjects

US Department of Veterans Affairs education benefits will not be paid for subjects that are not required to meet minimum graduation requirements.

Policy for students called to active duty

If, as a member of a National Guard unit, Reserve Component, or as a discharged veteran, you are called to active duty, immediately contact your Division and the VA Certifying Officer immediately. You will be required to provide a copy of your orders to each area.