Getting your phone and internet connected

Australia has a wide range of mobile (cell) phone and internet services for different budgets. Make sure you compare prices and options before deciding which service is best for you.

Popular phone and internet providers

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Choosing the type of plan

You will need to get either a prepaid card or set up a contract with a service provider. Possible charges include a connection fee, a monthly access fee and a usage fee. If you intend to use your current mobile phone, you will need to check whether your phone is locked to a specific carrier.

Calling home


You can make an international call from any phone in Australia, including payphones. Dial:

  • the international access code (0011)
  • your country code
  • the area code
  • the local number.

To reduce costs, we recommend purchasing pre-paid international calling cards that offer cheaper rates and are available from most newsagencies, post offices, petrol stations and convenience stores.


International telephone calls can be expensive, but there are many free or cheaper alternatives to keep in touch with family and friends while overseas.

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