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Explore the range of research projects available with the School of ICT in areas of computer vision and signal processing, software engineering and software quality, cyber security and network security, autonomous systems, machine learning, data analytics and big data.

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Computer Vision and Signal Processing

Extraction and Modelling of Power Line Corridor

Building Extraction from LiDAR point cloud data

Continual Learning on Dynamic Data Stream

Efficient object detection for low-powered devices

Fine-grained image classification

Spectral-spatial-temporal processing of hyperspectral videos

Microscopic hyperspectral imaging

Software Engineering and Software Quality

Software correctness for Safe-Critical Systems

Complexity Management in Enterprise Architecture

Organisationally mandated assimilation processes of an enterprise-wide information system in a radiology practice in Australia

IT Risk Management Implementation

Helping airline pilots fly more safely: Creating, validating and verifying the consistency of dynamic procedures

Learning Analytics Implementations in Australian Universities

Developing high quality software systems through Behavior Engineering

Cyber Security and Network Security

Using Machine Learning to Detect Cyber Attacks in Industrial Control Systems

Automated Process Analysis for Intrusion Detection in Industry 4.0 Systems

Cyber Security of Vehicle Communication Systems

Advanced Post-Quantum Cryptosystems

Application of Machine Learning Intelligence in Wireless Networks

Autonomous Systems

Using Adaptive Behaviour Found in Nature to Solve Dynamic Multi-objective Optimisation Problems

Multi-agent systems to Model the Human Immunology response to viruses like COVID or to Cancer

Learning based search for hard combinatorial optimisation problems

Explainable AI through rule-based machine learning

Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Big Data

Privacy-Preserving Data-Mining

Explanation and verification of machine learning models

Optimisation-driven safe reinforcement learning for medical decision-making

Automated Intelligence Analysis of Social Media Data for Causal Discovery

Data Privacy for Machine Learning

Unified stream learning of medical data for continuous patient outcome monitoring, prognosis, and hospital resource allocation

Privacy Preserving Big Data Analytics in Cloud Environments

Effective and Efficient Recommender Systems via Social Networks

Approximate query answering in large graphs Description

Natural Language Question-Answering over Knowledge Graphs

Space Research

Development of new machine learning techniques for spectroscopic analysis of Martian soils and rock samples

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