Contact details


  1. (07) 567 87629
  2. +61 7 567 87629
  3. Internal extension: 87629


Address and Postal Address

  1. Ian O'Connor building (G40)
  2. Health Group Executive
  3. Room 8.56
  4. Gold Coast campus
  5. Griffith University Qld 4222

Dean (Research)

Director, Higher Degree Research

Administrative Staff

HDR Convenors

School of Allied Health Sciences

  1. Associate Professor Ben Desbrow
  2. Associate Professor Marleen Westerveld

School of Applied Psychology

  1. Associate Professor Stefano Occhipinti

School of Dentistry and Oral Health

  1. Associate Professor Raj Nair

School of Human Services and Social Work

  1. Associate Professor Naomi Sunderland

School of Medical Science

  1. Associate Professor Jason Peart

School of Medicine

  1. Professor Alfred Lam (clinical)
  2. Associate Professor Faruk Ahmed (non clinical)

School of Nursing and Midwifery

  1. Professor Marion Mitchell

School of Pharmacy

  1. Dr Sohil Khan

Master of Medical Research

  1. Dr Ian Cassady


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