In early 2017

Griffith University initiated a project to gather career destination and pathway information from our doctoral and research masters (HDR) graduates, of which there have been ~4,000 since the late 1970s.

The HDR Reconnect project was created in response to the ACOLA Review recommendations. One of the key findings and recommendations was that longitudinal data on Australian doctoral and research masters graduate outcomes and career pathways need to be collected. The review recognised that to get the most out of research training, and to make an informed choice about whether and where to undertake research training, prospective candidates need access to a range of information including potential career outcomes.

Griffith is the first university in Australia to complete a project of this kind.

We set out to:

  1. Inform prospective and current doctoral and research masters candidates of potential employment and career pathways.
  2. Review our research training to ensure a quality experience is provided for all candidates.
  3. Reconnect with our PhD, doctoral and research masters graduates.

Results were gathered in 2017 and 2018 from 1,416 PhD, doctoral and research masters graduates—and outcomes are presented below. We hope you enjoy exploring our interactive project findings.

Please note: Depending on the speed of your connection, you may experience a slight delay while our interactive dashboards load. For information about the visualisations look for the ‘hover here for help’ and ‘about this page’ icons.

Remarkable research alumni

Dr Denise Powell

Class communicators

Dr Denise Powell

EdD in Teacher Education

Griffith Doctor of Education (EdD) alumnus Dr Denise Powell wants to revolutionise deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) education in New Zealand.

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Dr Jeff Thompson_card

No stranger to conflict

Dr Jeff Thompson

Doctor of Philosophy

Hostage negotiator, counsellor and mental health ambassador

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Dr Hung Huynh Quang

Scoring a new life

Dr Hung Huynh Quang

PhD in Sport Recreation

A life-long passion for soccer led Dr Hung Huynh Quang to quit his engineering career, move countries and enrol in a PhD at Griffith University.

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Koichi Ito

Follow the research

Dr Koichi Ito

PhD in Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Dr Koichi Ito never imagined his thirst for a research career in cancer immunology would lead him to Griffith and a new life.

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Water warrior

Dr Rachelle Willis

PhD in Environmental Engineering

On the world’s driest continent, the sustainability of Australia’s water resources has never been more crucial.

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Professor Qiyong Liu Remarkable Alumni Winner Card

International scientist

Professor Qiyong Liu


Top scientist and public health specialist who has dedicated 30 years to combating health threats in
poor and vulnerable communities.

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Energy Policy Entrepreneur

Dr David Crossley


A 40-year career dedicated to sustainable energy policy and programs started when a young man took his interest in environmental sciences to Griffith, joining the University’s first PhD cohort.

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Freshwater Ecosystems

Dr Fen Guo


Dr Fen Guo is interested in understanding how changes in land use and water quality influence the availability of high-quality sources of food for freshwater animals.

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Questions about the project

To learn more about the HDR Reconnect project contact GGRS Director, Dr Sharon Saunders.