Global health crusader

Master of Science and PhD in Public Health

Professor Qiyong Liu has built a research career with one goal, saving people’s lives.

Based at the Shandon University Centre for Climate Change and Health, his team specialises in mosquito borne illness and health issues associated with climate change.

In the past three decades, Professor Liu has overseen the development of the world’s largest mosquito research lab and travelled the world putting his skills in disease control and prevention to use.

An active alumnus and inspiring university ambassador, Professor Qiyong Liu was named Griffith University’s Outstanding International Alumnus Award winner 2018.

Professor Liu honed his research skills at Griffith and remains connected to the University as an adjunct professor and collaborator.

“The University contributed to my success in research and taught me the importance of communicating with different people to work more efficiently,” he said.

“A multicultural and inclusive society is very good for research, particularly in different social settings.”

Professor Liu is passionate about public health planning, having seen the benefits first-hand in China and other parts of the world. His global reputation has seen him travel to Mongolia, Tibet, South East Asia, Africa and countries affected by natural disaster.

“If we can establish health risks early, we can predict trends and take-action before the outbreak of disease, which has an enormous benefit to our local community. We would be wise to invest in public health resources, so we can improve the effectiveness of efficiency of disease control and save people’s lives.”

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