Welcome to Griffith Business School

GBS HDR Students and Supervisors is a Learning@Griffith organisation dedicated to Griffith Business School HDR candidates and their needs. It has been created to be a 'one stop' resource for your HDR program.

Enrolling is easy with our steps to self-enrol on the GBS HDR Students and Supervisors site.

Steps to self-enrol

  1. Log into MyGriffith
  2. Click on Learning@Griffith in the top menu bar
  3. Click on the 'Organisation' tab
  4. In the Organisation Search Box type: GBS HDR
  5. The GBS HDR Students and Supervisors organisation should appear in the results box
  6. Click the small arrow and click on Enrol, then click on submit
  7. Hover over its ID name (GBS_RHD) until you see a small arrow appear
  8. If you have any problems enrolling, please contact GBS HDR Dean Research Team at gbs-HDR-DeanR@griffith.edu.au