Developing innovative solutions to the financing of social and affordable housing

The Social and Affordable Housing Program provides a platform to bring together academics, researchers, practitioners and policymakers to carryout research and exchange ideas to develop innovative solutions to the financing of social and affordable housing. To this end, the Program conducts scholarly and practical research, organise conferences, symposia and seminars and training programs, and supervise PhD students.

Our members

The Program is made up of over 25 academic members from a range of Australian and international universities; colleges; as well as the National Affordable Housing Consortium.

News and events

We conduct scholarly and practical research, organise conferences, seminars and training, supervise PhD students and hosts the visits of international experts in relation to the areas of housing affordability and social and affordable housing finance.

In addition, we make submissions to government enquiries relating to the abovementioned themes.

Research projects

We conduct research projects relating to housing affordability and the financing of social and affordable housing.

We seek to engage in research aimed at providing a deeper understanding of housing affordability and developing innovative financing models that will enhance institutional investments in affordable and social housing and develop the missing market in social and affordable housing finance.


The National Affordable Housing Consortium and Griffith University have established six PhD scholarships to support research in the area of affordable and social housing aimed at producing new knowledge to assist in developing:

  • A national real estate business, focusing on property management for housing matching the NAHC vision and national (Federal, State and Local Government) housing affordability & equity agenda.
  • The NAHC’s vision associated with “Shared Equity” housing, covering supply & demand, financing/investment and product delivery. In this knowledge hub priority, a focus will be linked to “Build to Rent” Initiatives.
  • Robust “whole of life” sustainable living/housing affordability criterion, and develop nationally and internationally acceptable indices, while at the same time lead to methodologies for on the ground delivery.

There are still two PhD scholarships available in the area of social and affordable housing.

Winners of a PhD Scholarship:

Lee-Yun Chiang "Affordable Housing as an Infrastructure Investment'

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Prabath Morawakage "An analysis of Risk Return Trade-off in Real Estate Market with Special Reference to Affordable Housing Investments in Australia"

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Stefen Macaskill “Enhancing Housing Affordability Outcomes for Low-Income Households through Green Building Principles: An Integrated System Approach."

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Prince Acheampong “Financing Built-To- Rent Affordable Housing in Australia: The Role Of Institutional Investors.”

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