As attention is driven towards the management of research data at both a national and university level, Research Integrity and managing your data are critical elements of your research project. We can work with you to develop systems to manage data for capture through to long term presentation.  There are in-house solutions already available, such as Research Space, Research Storage and Research Vault and a number of external providers that we endorse who offer discipline specific and general data management and storage.

These services are available to researchers and HDR students. Service specific information can be found for each tool listed below by clicking on the associated link or visiting the Service Catalogue. It does not include:

  • Non-research and personal data storage and data management.
  • Infrastructure provisioning for non-research based or personal websites.
  • Support for research storage options managed by other organisational units at Griffith.
  • Internal Network-Attached Storage (NAS) that is available to Staff (G Drive) and Students (H Drive).

Our range of data management and storage solutions that are fit for purpose include:

  • Research Space - 5GB+ to store primary data and associated documentation from research projects conducted at Griffith.
  • Research Drive - designed to specifically meet the needs of laboratories or other situations where large volumes of data are produced.
  • Research Vault - long term archival of digital data that is infrequently accessed (slower to access than other tiers of storage)/
  • Research Data Repository (EQUELLA) - this repository makes research data collections accessible and searchable via a web interface.
  • QRISCloud - virtual machines for research use (such as compute-intensive analysis) and provides high-volume data storage capacity for research data.
  • TerraNova - an interactive website and data repository that allows adaptation researchers to discover, store, communicate and utilise climate change adaptation data, information and tools.
  • Microscopy Portal - analyse, visualise and store your microscopy images and easily create and customise algorithms to compare multiple samples, plates or batches.
  • Open River - a project that aims to provide a data catalogue that describes a given river system through environmental, social, health and economic attributes.

For further information on research data management and storage visit the Information Services Service Catalogue or contact our staff using the email to discuss the many ways we can simplify your research methods.