About this service

This services provides advice and support for staff when purchasing, installing, configuring their phones, as well as help with troubleshooting faults.

Call centre, teleconferencing and voicemail configuration and billing support are also provided as part of this service.

This service is for

  • Academic staff
  • professional staff.

What to expect

Assistance with installing, relocating desk phone equipment and troubleshooting faults.

Although mobile devices are not supported as a service, we will aid staff to check basic functions and facilitate the return of faulty devices to vendors for warranty repair. Once the warranty period has expired, support for the device is discontinued.

Costs of purchasing mobile devices are passed through to the requesting department.

There are no other costs associated to use this service.

To access this service


(07) 3735 5555 (Brisbane campuses)

(07) 5552 5555 (Gold Coast campus)


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