About this service

This service provides support across a number of the University's systems, including PeopleSoft, student, finance, research and human resource applications, as well as other enterprise systems.

This service also provides support for related databases and access to data.

Staff can request modifications to existing enterprise applications or receive advice on design and development of new applications.

This service is for

  • professional staff
  • research staff
  • Academic staff

What to expect

Business application support

Business Systems Support can meet with staff to discuss priorities. Work performed on applications covered by the Core Applications Service Agreement is performed at no cost. This Agreement covers errors in the code and very minor functional changes. Not all applications are Core.

PeopleSoft support

Support for the PeopleSoft suite of programs, such as usability issues, correction of data, security access to an application module. Once a job is logged, a request can be tracked via the Service Desk Tool, available through the Griffith Portal.

Business process support

Support for issue resolution, requests for modifications to existing applications and/or to receive advice on design and development for new applications to achieve required functionality.


Project development team resources may be provided in conjunction with the Griffith Project Management Office. PMO provides a quality framework for the University’s Electronic Infrastructure Capital Plan project delivery and the projects that are initiated under that plan.

Members of a development team can contribute to the estimation, design, development and testing of a new application or change an existing one.

Examples of the current rates for individual team resources are:

  • HEW 9: $630 a day
  • HEW 7: $580 a day

Database management

This service includes administration and support for the databases that underpin the University’s critical administrative and research information systems, including PeopleSoft, finance and human resources databases and meta-directory databases, as well as other databased as required.

The database management service includes:

  • the creation and administration of databases and database accounts
  • storage management
  • security management
  • database connectivity
  • backups and backup auditing
  • upgrades and patching
  • availability and performance monitoring and management
  • assistance with database and database-based application issue resolution

Relational database management systems and versions supported include:

  • Oracle 12+
  • Microsoft SQLServer 2016+
  • MySQL 8+

Access to data

We support requests for data from our Enterprise Information systems.

This includes:

  • analysis and consultation to identify data sources
  • determining the rightful data owner and requesting permission for data to be provisioned
  • providing technical means to access data sources appropriately, or extracting raw data as appropriate


  • Support for the majority of work not considered to be ‘Enterprise’ wide as determined by the University Enterprise Information Systems Policy.
  • Student support. The IT Service Centre and Student Administration provides support for students.
  • Manipulation or further interpretation of raw data sources.

Support is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Requests for business application support and database management are monitored (on-call) from 7 am to 10 pm weekdays and from 9 am to 5 pm weekends.

There are no direct costs associated with this service.

Development activities undertaken as part of an Electronic Infrastructure Capital Plan project will be costed back to that project via a time-sheeting system.

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