About the service

Provides support for the enterprise systems that provide administrative capability to a range of Griffith University business elements. Student Administration, Planning and Financial Services and Human Resource Management are the primary users of these mostly administrative systems.

This service is available to

Business Applications Support: academic staff, professional staff, HDR students, postgraduate students, undergraduate students, alumni, visitors.

What can I expect?

Service Includes:

  • Broadly, all Griffith staff utilize the PeopleSoft suite of systems, either to assist in the completion of their daily work tasks, and/or to update/enquire about their employment records (bio/demo data, apply for leave, etc.). Students also utilize the PeopleSoft student system to manage their enrolment and course/class selections.
  • Requests for support come in many forms, e.g. requesting a new or a modification to an existing query, usability issues, correction of data, security access to an application module etc. Once a job is logged, a request can be tracked via the Service Desk Tool, available through the Griffith Portal.
  • Clients will utilize these services for issue resolution, to request modifications to existing applications and/or to receive advice on design and development for new applications to achieve required functionality.

The majority of the applications are entirely supported by Information Services. First level support is offered via EIS Assist.

Service Excludes:

  • Student support is provided by the IT Service Centre and Student Administration.

Service Availability

Support is available - Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm and at other times as specifically organised (i.e. During open enrolment).


There are no direct costs associated with this service.

Development activities undertaken as part of an Electronic Infrastructure Capital Plan (EICP) project will be costed back to that project via a time sheeting system.

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