About this service

This service provides management and support for corporate and research data hosting and data protection, which includes:

  • consultation on data hosting
  • corporate and research data hosting
  • file management and support (G and H drives)
  • corporate and research data protection: backup and archives.

This service is for

Griffith staff. Students can receive assistance regarding file management on H Drive only.

What to expect

Consultation on data hosting

  • Recommendations on Griffith projects.
  • Identification of risks and determining the possible impact on business.

Corporate research and data hosting

  • Corporate system hosted internally within Griffith.
  • Support the requirements for system disaster recovery.
  • Data discovery for data hosted internally within Griffith.
  • Data protection and disaster recovery.
  • Cloud storage (by consultation).

File management in G and H drives

  • Recovery for lost or accidentally deleted data.
  • Internal back ups of G and H drive data.

Corporate and research data: backup and archive

  • Short-term data protection via backup.
  • Long-term data protection via archive.
  • System recovery for corporate system.
  • Data disposal and destruction for data in SMS backup and archive.
  • Attend to audit (via internal request only).
  • Student requests.
  • Purchasing of storage hardware for projects.
  • Legal advice.
  • Data connectivity to applications from G and H drives.
  • Data migration from/to G and H drives.
  • Backup and archive of any end user computing devices and data.
  • Data hosted externally by service provider.
  • Email system.
  • Purchasing of backup and archiving software for projects.
  • Data disposal and destruction for data hosted externally.
  • Conducting audits.

Business hours coverage for storage requests.

System support and maintenance is monitored 24/ 7.

There is no internal charge associated for the internal data hosting service provided.


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