About this service

Records Services manages the University’s corporate records which include personnel, student, committee, ethical clearances, research grant management, intellectual property, commercialisation of research, consultancy, property management, legal matters, liaison with government and external entities, program accreditation and development, and master sets of exam papers.

Records are managed in digital and paper formats.

This service is for

  • Academic staff
  • professional staff

What to expect

Record requests

Record requests where the record is stored onsite: Actioned within one to two working days.

Record requests where the record is stored offsite: If request received prior to 3 pm, record will be available next business day. If request received after 3 pm, the record will be available in two business days.

Digitisation of student records

One to two business days from receipt to when the record is available on the student file.

Onsite appraisals

Records Services undertakes onsite appraisals at a mutually convenient time. Depending on the volume of records, the process may take a few hours to several days. A staff member of the requesting element must be available during our onsite visit to assist with the appraisal process.

Disposal authorisations

Disposal authorisations are usually checked on a daily basis and usually returned within 48 hours of receipt. As all requests must be authorised by the Manager, Corporate Information, there may be delays during periods of leave.

There is no cost to use this service.

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