About this service

Information management allows the University's information assets to be governed, protected and prioritised.

This service covers guidance on:

  • information storage
  • data classification
  • how to handle data according to its classification
  • information security
  • information privacy
  • retention and disposal of information

The service also manages the University's Information Asset Register, which ensures the University's information is identified, defined and organised in a way that facilitates access to and reuse of this information.

This service is for

  • Academic staff
  • professional staff

What to expect

Information storage advice

  • Guidance on the approved and supported information storage options.

Information security information

  • Guidelines for securing and classifying data, and how to handle information according to its security classification.

Information privacy

  • Guidelines on the appropriate collection, storage and use of information, and to the protection of the privacy of personal information.

Information Asset Register

  • A list of the existing information assets across all of the business units within an organisation (in development).

Information retention and disposal advice

You can access to the Information Management SharePoint site 24/7.

There is no cost to use this service.

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