Corporate Services supports our university operations, supporting our people to create a future for all

We deliver a broad range of services that enable our university to deliver world class teaching and research outputs. We are responsible for our physical and digital infrastructure, while ensuring we operate sustainability and ethically across all operations.

Our Services


Our services enable receiving and spending money as well as travel and operational finance support. We also provide strategic reporting, financial management and insights to make decisions.

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Digital (IT)

We deliver and maintain our virtual workspaces, including software, digital learning environments, e-Research support and computing needs.

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Our services ensure Griffith’s five physical campuses are clean and operating effectively for students and staff, including air conditioning, maintenance and landscaping services.

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We support employees and supervisors/ managers throughout the employment life cycle. From selection and appointment to wellbeing, payroll and development.

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Legal and Governance

Our services include legal and contract advice, Corporate Governance, secretariat services for University Council, business continuity planning alongside risk monitoring and mitigation.

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How do we support Griffith’s Strategic Plan?

We are committed to supporting our colleagues in achieving Griffith’s goals, through insightful advice and service excellence – always.

Our services support our community to achieve progress against all six core commitments.

Our current strategic focus is within People: empower staff through reducing unnecessary administration and Infrastructure: Undertake a major sciences and social sciences building program at Nathan and close Mount Gravatt.

Corporate Services Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022

Our Corporate Services Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022 will guide our transition to a more effective and efficient Corporate Services.

To find out more, view the Corporate Services Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022 (Griffith staff only) and its Supplement (Griffith staff only).

Calendar of Events for Heads of School/Departments

To assist with the management of workloads, Corporate Services coordinates the review and distribution of an annual calendar of events for Heads of Schools/Departments which details administrative activities and actions required to be undertaken during the following year. The calendar provides a month-by-month summary of activities, identifies the responsible central element and specifies a time-frame for action.

To find out more, view the 2019 Calendar of Events (staff only)

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