Part A - Competition Details

Part A sets out the Details and Special Conditions of the Competition. The University’s standard additional terms and conditions applicable to the Competition are set out in Part B (collectively the “Terms”).

Competition title

QBM Griffith MBA Responsible Leadership Scholarships


Griffith University ( ABN 78 106 094 461 and CRICOS Provider Number 00233E) ("University")


Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd trading as News Queensland (ABN 61 009 661 778)

How to enter

a. Stage 1: Entrants must register and complete the initial competition entry form at This includes providing the Promotor with supporting documentation to complete the entry.

b. Stage 2: Shortlisted entrants will attend a masterclass in Brisbane or online via live-streaming. Masterclass attendees must submit a reflective essay of 600 words. Full details about the essay topic will be provided at the masterclass.

c. Stage 3: A judging panel will select six (6) finalists who must submit a final pitch (outlining why they should be chosen as the Winner) in the form of a video. The duration of the video should be one (1) minute. Full details about the video content will be provided when finalists are notified.

Note that costs of travel and accommodation for all events are at the entrants' own expense.

See 'Judging process and deadlines' section for the dates of each stage.


The following Prize(s) will be awarded:

a. Winner: Title ‘Winner QBM Griffith MBA Responsible Leadership Scholarships’. A full Griffith MBA scholarship valued at AUD$54,000.00 (as at 17 March 2020), and admission into the Griffith MBA.

b. Runner-up: Title ‘Runner up QBM Griffith MBA Responsible Leadership Scholarships’. A half (or six course) Griffith MBA scholarship valued at AUD$27,000.00 (as at 17 March 2020), and admission into the Griffith MBA.

c. Remaining four finalists: A scholarship to the value of three Griffith MBA courses, valued at AUD$13,500.00 (as at 17 March 2020), and admission into the Griffith MBA .

  • Admission for the Griffith MBA is conditional on the prize winners going through the Direct Admission online process, as outlined on
  • Prize values are based upon the Griffith MBA 2020 Fee Schedule as at 17 March 2020 and will be adjusted in each year the Scholarships are awarded.
  • Independent financial advice should be sought as tax implications may arise as a result of accepting the Prize.
  • Prizes cannot be transferred, exchanged or redeemed for cash.
  • Travel and accommodation for all events is at entrants’ own expense.
  • For further details and conditions see sections 15, 16 and 17.

Competition Period

a. Competition commences at 9am AEST on Friday 24 July 2020.

b. Entries must be submitted to the Promoter no later than 11.59 pm AEST on Wednesday 2 September 2020.

c. The Competition Period continues until the date the winner is announced.

Who may enter

Entry is only open to persons who, during the Competition Period, are over the age of 18 years, living in Australia and are either an Australian citizen, or have Australian residency status.

The following persons are ineligible to enter the promotion:

a. employees of the University;

b. employees of the Partner of the Promotion;

c. a judge of the Competition; and

d. a finalist of prior ' QBM Griffith MBA Responsible Leadership Scholarships' competitions.

Maximum number of entries per individual entrant

One entry only per individual entrant.

Additional entry instructions

All entries must be submitted via the Competition website at the following URL:

Entrants are required to advise of any potential and / or perceived conflict of interest in relation to their competition entry at the time of completion.

Judging process and deadlines

Entrants must submit competition entries by the competition closing deadline. Successful entrants will be shortlisted and invited to attend the stage 2 masterclass. A reflective essay task and topic will be given to attendees of the masterclass to submitted by the stated deadline. The judging panel, or their delegates, will evaluate the essays and select the top six (6) Finalists to submit a final pitch video.

a. Travel and accommodation for all events is at entrants’ own expense.

b. A panel of judges will be established to assess Competition entries at each stage of the Promotion.

c. The judging panel will consist of a Queensland Business Monthly Magazine ( QBM ) representative, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Business), MBA Director and a Griffith MBA alumnus (or their delegates).

d. Stages of the Competition:

  • Stage 1:
    • Friday 24 July 2020 – Competition open
    • Wednesday 2 September 2020 – Competition closes (11.59 pm AEST )
    • Monday 7 September 2020 – Notify candidates who are progressing to stage 2.
  • Stage 2:
    • Monday 14 September 2020 – Masterclass event
    • Tuesday 22 September 2020 – Reflective essay due (11.59 pm AEST )
    • Monday 28 September 2020 – Notify finalists who are progressing to stage 3.
  • Stage 3:
    • Monday 5 October 2020 – Final pitch videos due (11.59 pm AEST )
    • Thursday 8 October 2020 – All finalists confidentially notified
    • Friday 30 October 2020 – Winner announced in the QBM Magazine, November edition

Judging criteria

a. Applications will be assessed solely on their merits at each stage of the Competition. All material submitted must be the original work of the entrant (also refer to Part B); and
b. the University will not provide individual feedback on entries (in relation to any of the three stages of the Competition).

Competition notification

a. The Prize recipients will be advised after each stage as per section ‘Judging process and deadlines’; and

b. The winner will be announced in the 30 October 2020 edition of QBM .

Claiming the Prize

The winner, runner-up and finalists must accept the scholarship offer and associated study in the Griffith MBA (program code 5158) for Trimester 1 2021 commencement no later than 2 November 2020. They will have to accept the scholarship prize by doing the following:

a. accepting the official offer from the Griffith University Scholarships Office; and

b. completing course enrolment for Trimester 1 2021.

If the scholarship recipients are unable to do so, the University reserves the right to award any Prize to another Competition participant.

Promotional activities

a. Entrants agree, at the Promoter’s and Partner’s request, to participate in reasonable promotional activity surrounding the Promotion or the award of any Prize, without compensation, and they consent to the Promoter and the Partner using their name, professional profile and image in promotional material. Without limitation, entrants consent to being broadcast, filmed, photographed or otherwise recorded without compensation while participating in this promotion, or in taking or using any Prize, and they consent to the Promoter and its Partner repeating any such broadcast, film or other recording at any time.

b. The finalists agree to be available for promotional appearances during the period from the scholarship award announcement to the completion of the Griffith MBA . The Promotional Appearances will promote the Award, the University and the Partner.

c. The University or the Partner will give the finalists’ at least three days’ notice of the time, date and location of each Promotional Appearance. In recognition of the finalists’ busy schedule, the University and the Partner will endeavour to ensure that the time, date and location of each Promotional Appearance does not unreasonably interfere with the finalists’ study and/or business commitments.

d. Travel and accommodation for all promotional appearances will be at finalists’ own expense.

QBM Griffith MBA Scholarships criteria

In order to be eligible for a QBM Griffith MBA responsible leadership scholarship, entrants must fulfil the following criteria:

Be eligible for, and gain admission to the Griffith MBA (Fully Flexible program only - 5158), therefore:

  • hold any Bachelor degree (or higher) from a recognised University (or another tertiary education institution of equivalent standing) with a minimum GPA of 4.5 (using a 7.0 point scale) and have a minimum of three years equivalent full-time work experience post-degree which includes:
    • two years of relevant work experience and
    • one year in a role demonstrating leadership experience.
  • OR hold a Griffith Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (or an equivalent qualification) with a minimum GPA of 4.5. Students with a Griffith Graduate Certificate in Business Administration will receive 40 credit points of advanced standing.

Leadership can include direct supervisory experience and/or change management in an organisational or project-specific setting.

If you do not meet the required GPA for direct admission, you may submit the result of the Graduate Management Admissions Test ( GMAT ). The minimum requirement for GMAT is an overall score of 550.

Evidence of work experience must include a detailed work history (roles, responsibilities and achievements).

QBM Griffith MBA Scholarships award & conditions

a. The scholarship prizes cover tuition fees for the Griffith MBA (program code 5158) and may be used for up to four years of part-time study and are awarded as follows:

  • One (1) winner receives full tuition fees;
  • one (1) runner-up receives half of the tuition fees (to the value of six courses); and
  • four (4) finalists receive tuition fees to the value of three courses.

b. The scholarship recipients will be liable for all other fees including any incidental fees (such as text books and course specific material) as well as any other fees levied that do not relate to the MBA course fees that are awarded as part of the scholarship.

c. The scholarship will be provided as an offset to the student’s tuition fee following census dates each trimester until scholarship funds are exhausted.

d. The scholarship is subject to the University’s current Scholarship terms and conditions as they apply from time to time. These can be accessed via

e. The scholarship must be taken up in Trimester 1 2021.

f. The scholarships are conditional until all finalists have completed and returned the official acceptance documentation from the Griffith University Scholarships Office and completed course enrolment for Trimester 1 2021.

g. The scholarship recipients are not permitted to defer or suspend his or her enrolment in the MBA .

h. The scholarship recipients must maintain a continuous enrolment and no leave of absence is allowed except under exceptional circumstances, such as a medical condition which limits the student's capacity to undertake study. Any request for a leave of absence must be supported by the MBA Director.

i. In the event that a recipient changes degrees or discontinues study, the scholarship will immediately cease.

j. The award is conditional on the recipients meeting all degree requirements for the Griffith MBA with program code 5158.

k. To retain the scholarship recipients must achieve a Grade Point Average ( GPA ) of 4.5 on a 7.0 GPA scale each trimester.

l. The scholarship recipients are not to be in receipt of another Griffith Business School funded scholarship.

m. Be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia.

Special conditions

a. It is a condition of accepting the Prize that the winner, runner-up and finalists must comply with all conditions of use of the Prize and the University and its Partner’s requirements.

b. The University reserves the right to cancel any entry and withdraw the title and any Prizes if during the Competition Period or any time afterwards, in the reasonable opinion of the University:

  • An entrant is considered to be unable to represent or promote the University in a satisfactory manner;
  • An entrant has not complied with the Competition’s terms including these special conditions and the scholarship conditions;
  • An entrant or, where an entrant is a business owner, the entrant’s business is involved in any conduct or activity that is illegal, fraudulent or likely to bring the University into disrepute; or
  • any information provided by an entrant is deficient, false or misleading in any way.

c. If any entry or the Prize is cancelled by the University pursuant to (a) and (b) above the relevant entrant agrees to no longer publicly promote itself or its business (if relevant) as being associated with this Competition, the scholarship, the University or the Partner. To avoid doubt, this clause survives the expiration of the Competition Period.

d. All entrants consent to the disclosure of their information (including all material submitted at various stages of the Competition) to third parties for the purposes of the Promotion and grant to the Promoter and its Partner, its successors and affiliates, a free, nonexclusive, worldwide, perpetual and irrevocable licence (with right to sublicence) to use, reproduce, distribute, adapt, publish, broadcast, communicate and perform their entry, in whole or in part for any purpose including the Competition.

e. All entrants agree to provide the Promoter with proof in relation to identity, residency, age and any other conditions of entry, if so requested. The Promoter may require further verification and in the event that a Prize recipient cannot provide proof acceptable to the Promoter, at its sole discretion, that Prize recipient will forfeit the Prize in whole and no substitute will be offered.

Part B - Additional Terms & Conditions for University Competition

1. These Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) apply to the Promotion described in Part A (the “Competition”).

2. The Promotion will be conducted by Griffith University ( ABN 78 106 094 461 and CRICOS Provider Number 00233E) (the “Promoter”) during the period specified in Part A (the “Competition Period”).

3. The Terms may be amended or replaced by the Promoter in its absolute discretion and at any time.

4. Entry into the Competition is deemed acceptance of the Terms (as amended from time to time).

5. Entry is open only to residents of Australia who comply with any entry restrictions specified in these Terms.

6. To enter the Competition, entrants must, during the Competition Period, follow the entry method and instructions specified in Part A.

7. If entrants are invited to answer a question, submit an opinion piece, send in comments, photos and/or videos (or other multimedia) as part of their entry, each entry must be an original work by the entrant and the entrant must have obtained the permission from all persons appearing in photos/videos and property owners to enter this promotion in accordance with the Terms. Each entrant warrants that their entry does not, and its use by the Promoter or other persons will not; infringe the rights (including intellectual property rights) of any third party.

8. Each entrant is responsible for notifying the Promoter of any changes to his/her residential address, email address or phone number during and after the Competition Period.

9. The Competition is a game of skill, chance plays no part in determining the winner/s and each validly submitted entry will be individually judged by representatives of the Promoter as specified in Part A, on the basis of merit and according to any other criteria specified or adopted by the Promoter.

10. A decision of the Promoter in relation to the conduct of the Competition, including the selection of winning entries, is binding and conclusive and no correspondence will be entered into.

11. Unless otherwise specified in Part A, winners will be notified by phone and/or email within 2 business days after the judging date. Each entrant consents to the Promoter publishing details of a winner or winning entry on its website and to the Promotional activities set out in Part A.

12. Unless otherwise specified in Part A, Prizes must be claimed within 1 week of the judging date. If a Prize is event-based or contains perishable goods, the Prizes will be forfeited in full if not claimed by their expiry date. If a Prize is not claimed within the specified time, the Promoter may, at its discretion, withdraw the Prize or award the Prize to the next best valid entry or entries.

13. Prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash. The Prizes or any element of the Prizes cannot be exchanged for any other Prize/s. The contents of the Prizes will be at the Promoter’s sole discretion.

14. If the Prize includes vouchers or tickets, the Prize is valid until the expiry date specified on the voucher or ticket (or its provider), and subject to the conditions stipulated by the provider. Such Prizes cannot be redeemed for further vouchers or tickets, and are not exchangeable for cash.

15. If a Prize involves the winner or winning entry participating in an event, if any part of the event is postponed, cancelled or varied for any reason, then at the Promoter’s discretion, the winner forfeits all rights to participate in the relevant event and no cash or alternative Prize will be substituted for that element of the Prize.

16. Any expense, including taxes, spare parts, maintenance or delivery costs, associated with accepting, taking or using a Prize, will be the Prize winner’s sole responsibility.

17. The Promoter makes no warranties or representations about the fitness for purpose or suitability of any Prize and will not accept responsibility for the quality or fitness for any purpose of any Prize, or the failure of any Prize to be of merchantable quality. If liability under terms implied by legislation cannot be excluded by the Promoter, the liability of the Promoter is limited to re-supplying the relevant goods or services or paying the cost of replacing them.

18. No responsibility will be taken by the Promoter for any changes in dates, times or cancellations or other arrangements that may prevent a winner from accepting, taking or using a Prize, or participating in Stages.

19. The Promoter may, in its absolute discretion, disqualify:

  1. any entry which is not original, is not completed in accordance with these Terms, infringes the intellectual property rights of any third party, contains any objectionable or poor quality content, or has the potential to damage the reputation of any person; or
  2. any individual who tampers with the entry process, submits an entry that is not in accordance with the Terms, or who has in the opinion of the Promoter, engaged in unlawful or improper conduct that is designed to, or is likely to, adversely affect the fair and proper conduct of the Promotion or is generally damaging to the goodwill or reputation of the Promoter.

20. The Promoter reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, at any time before the awarding of the Prizes to cancel or vary a promotion, or cancel, vary or withdraw its Prizes. If the Promoter cancels or varies a promotion, or cancels, varies or withdraws its Prizes, it is not:

  1. liable to any person for any costs, loss or damage whatsoever arising out of, or in connection with, such cancellation, variation or withdrawal; or
  2. required to conduct the Competition at any other time.

21. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for late, lost, incorrectly submitted or misdirected entries, for any technological malfunction or failure, Internet traffic congestion, or for outdated or incorrect contact details by which the entrant cannot be contacted during business hours on relevant dates.

22. Entrants enter the Competition at their sole risk. With the exception of liability which cannot be excluded by law, the Promoter is not be liable for, and an entrant releases the Promoter from, liabilities relating to any direct or indirect loss or damage which is suffered, any costs incurred, or for personal injury or sickness suffered or sustained, as a result of entering the Promotion, failing to win, winning, accepting or using a Prize.

23. Any information or material provided by entrants to the Promoter when entering the Competition will be used by the Promoter or its Partner for the purpose of promoting the purpose of and conducting the Competition, administering the Prizes and the scholarship and contacting you in the future for the University or Partner’s marketing purposes via any medium and as otherwise specified in these Terms. The Promoter may use any personal information in accordance with its privacy policy available at its website Entrants may access and correct their personal information held by the Promoter, upon request to the Promoter.

24. All scholarship entries become the property of Griffith University ( ABN 78 106 094 461 and CRICOS Provider Number 00233E). All opt-in entries for News Queensland ( ABN 61 009 661 778). All opt-in entries will be entered into a database and News Queensland may use the entrant’s names, addresses and telephone numbers for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes in any media worldwide without notice and without any fee being paid unless otherwise advised by the entrant. By opting-in, entrants confirm that they allow their details to be used for this purpose. If entrants no longer consent to their details being used for future marketing purposes, the entrant should contact the Partner (see details below). Any request to update, modify or delete the entrant’s details should be directed to the Partner at

25. In consideration for the Promoter awarding the Prize to the winner, the winner hereby permits the winner’s submission, image and/or voice, as recorded, photographed or filmed during the winner’s participation in the Prize to appear in connection with News Queensland or the advertising or marketing thereof, in any media whatsoever throughout the world and the winner will not be entitled to any fee for such use. Editorial content is never guaranteed and is strictly at the editor’s discretion.

26. This scholarship Prize is exclusive to the Master of Business Administration ( MBA ) program offered by Griffith Business School at Griffith University, program code 5158 only.

27. To enter the Promotion, entrants assign all intellectual property created for the Promotion to the Promoter and its Partner.