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Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production

In a career-first Griffith Film alumnus Lauren Panrucker has worked with the Queensland Ballet to produce an eclectic promotional campaign for the newest luxury addition to an international hotel chain.

Owner and Producer of Tide Productions, Lauren describes the campaign as a career milestone and is delighted to share her behind the scenes insight into the eclectic production.

"Creating something so steeped in beauty and luxury was a thrill.

"The creative team behind the idea were passionate about making something different, something striking," she said.

And there’s no question that they achieved exactly that. The series of promotional videos are captivating to watch and feel more like a performance than a marketing piece. In fact, you could find yourself watching it on repeat, noticing new moves and nuances with each view.

"I was fortunate to be approached by the Director, Alex Chomicz, on the back of a recommendation from my fellow Griffith alumnus Letisha Jenkins.

"I didn’t hesitate to work with Alex. He has a long history in architectural projects and he knew how to bring the building to life. He brought everyone along on his vision to explore how dance and movement can respond to architecture in a playful way." she said.

Reminiscing on the production which took place between July and August, Lauren recalls the numerous site visits and multiple Lobby Bar coffees required to make everything ‘just right’.

"The shoot was designed around how the light interacted with the architecture, so it took a lot of location visits to fully plan the filming days.

"As you can imagine it was all hands-on deck when it came time to film, but it was such a pleasure to be a part of." Lauren said.

Of high importance was achieving perfection when ballerina Sophie Zoric, gracefully dropped into the pool. Camera angles needed to be aligned, the dress perfectly positioned to pre-empt the fall and the lighting the correct tone.

"We only had one chance to get the hero shot. There was certainly no backup for a second take when you drop a ballerina into a pool, wearing a custom made, billowing Bec Malouf piece!" remarked Lauren.

The Calile Team were accommodating throughout the shoot and made sure the production crew had what they needed to unveil the campaign on time.

"At one stage, there was even an employee of the hotel dedicated to pressing the elevator button for us.’ Lauren said.

Whilst the series of videos have already been viewed thousands of times and are receiving acclaim throughout the industry, seeing the passion in her teams’ eyes during the shoot was one of Lauren’s many highlights, as was working with fellow Griffith graduate, Lucy Bland.

A true collaborator, Lauren couldn’t speak more highly of the entire crew that was involved in the production.

"Everyone involved was just amazing. I’m really proud of the Tide Team and what we have achieved.

"No one was stressed, which means I did my job". Lauren said.

The full team that worked on the campaign was:

  • Lauren Panrucker, Producer and owner of Tide Productions (Griffith alumnus)
  • Jack Lister, Choreographer and male talent from the Queensland Ballet
  • Sophie Zoricic, female talent from the Queensland Ballet
  • Lucy Bland, Creative Director and owner of Studio Bland (Griffith alumnus)
  • Kristy Mancell, The Calile Hotel Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Mackenzie Blom, The Calile Hotel Marketing and Events Coordinator
  • Alex Chomicz, Director
  • Liam Brennan, Cinematographer
  • Harrison Hertick, Photographer (Griffith alumnus)
  • Sabastian Byrne, Lighting assistance and data wrangler (Griffith alumnus)
  • David Aponas, Stedicam operator

Lauren also has ongoing affiliations with Griffith University, where she has returned as a sessional teacher at the Griffith Film School. Her company, Tide Productions, has also produced the Griffith University Annual Appeal videos for the past four years in addition to a number of other projects for various Griffith departments.

Tide Productions

Lauren's company, Tide Productions, has produced the Griffith University Annual Appeal videos for four years.