International research partnerships

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Dr Peter Horne was part of the third intake into Australian Environmental Studies at Griffith University. Following his graduation, Peter embarked on a career of applying science to the benefit of the poorer, developing areas of Asia including Indonesia, Vietnam and Laos.

Today, Dr Horne works for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) as General Manager, Country Programs. He previously held the role of Research Program Manager for Livestock Production Systems.

Before joining ACIAR he was Manager of Support for Market-driven Adaptive Research - a research program in Eastern Indonesia aimed at improving the efficiency and productivity of smallholder agricultural value chains. Peter has also worked as a researcher for CIAT, CSIRO, North Carolina State University and the University of New England.

Through this career, Peter implemented and coordinated agricultural research in often difficult contexts and managed large research programs and budgets, both overseas and in Australia. His career has always been embedded in international research partnerships. At a field level, his focus on adaptive research required that he developed, evaluated and delivered scale-out approaches, linking research to impact for poor rural communities.

Peter has been successful due to his passion and hard-working, optimistic personality. He is also enthusiastic about helping and inspiring current students to develop their career by conducting research in developing countries and will often provide guest lectures to students attending universities in developing countries.

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