Social scientist

Doctor of Philosophy

Upon the completion of her doctorate in 2013, Johanna Nalau joined Griffith University as an already established and respected adviser in global climate change adaptation.

Dr Nalau has held several influential positions in her field and is frequently asked to advise on programs, projects and journals. She is an Advisory Committee member for US State Department’s Increasing Climate Resilience via the Private Sector Investment project, an Advisory Board Member for Australia’s first Climate Change Innovation Hub at Kingsborough Council, Tasmania; Advisory Committee Member for University College London’s EU-funded project on Loss and Damage on Climate Change, and Editorial Advisory Board Member for Australian Journal of Emergency Management.

In addition to helping source over three million dollars in external funding for Griffith University, Johanna was recently awarded the prestigious Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Award, to investigate climate adaptation in global processes. She is also a Lead Author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 6th Assessment Report (Working Group II), which is the highest scientific body on all scientific matters regarding climate change.

While Dr Nalau’s achievements are remarkable in her field, she remains humble and advocates for leadership and executive coaching at all levels within the University. Seeing other younger academics struggle in their careers, she established 'WonderWomen' in early 2019 to support other early career researchers in creating career visions, goals and assisting them to take steps to fulfil their dreams.

Outside of academic circles, Dr Nalau can be found speaking to chartered accounts, junior high school classes, and youth conferences about the importance of understanding climate related risks and how to adapt to these.

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