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The University is intent on the detection and elimination of fraud and corrupt conduct and on protecting people who make disclosures. The University expects staff to act honestly and to report any possible corruption, maladministration or waste of the University's resources. Staff can report concerns by making a protected disclosure. Such reports will be properly and confidentially investigated in accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure policy.

The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 (Qld) facilitates disclosures made in the public interest about wrongdoing in the public sector and provides protection for those who make disclosures.

The objects of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 (Qld) are:

  • To promote the public interest by facilitating public interest disclosures of wrongdoing in the public sector.
  • To ensure that public interest disclosures are properly assessed and, when appropriate, investigated and dealt with.
  • To ensure that appropriate consideration is given to the interests of persons who are the subject of a public interest disclosure.
  • To afford protection from reprisals to persons making public interest disclosures.

As a public sector entity established by an Act of the Queensland Parliament, Griffith University is covered by the Public Interest Disclosure Act and all University staff are public officers for the purposes of the legislation.

A public officer (including University staff) may make a PID about:

  • Corrupt conduct, as defined by the Crime and Corruption Act 2001
  • Maladministration that adversely affects anyone's interests in a substantial or specific way
  • Negligent or improper management by a public officer, public sector entity or a government contractor resulting, or likely to result in, substantial misuse of public resources, or
  • Conduct by another person causing a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety or to the environment.

Any person (including public officers) may make a PID about:

  • a substantial and specific danger to the health and safety of a person with a disability
  • a substantial and specific danger to the environment, or
  • a reprisal taken against anybody as a result of a PID.


The University is committed to ensuring all public interest disclosures are properly managed and that those who report wrongdoing in the workplace, or are the subject of such disclosures, are protected from reprisals.

Staff who know of or suspect unlawful, negligent or improper conduct, and staff or other persons who know of conduct that may present a substantial and specific danger to the health or safety of a person with a disability or the environment; or may be regarded as an act of reprisal taken against anybody as a result of a public interest disclosure, are encouraged to report their concerns.

The University will, to the greatest extent possible, keep the disclosure and the identity of the discloser confidential.

The Vice President (Corporate Services) has been appointed the responsible officer for receiving disclosures and acting on them. [The Vice Chancellor is the responsible officer if the disclosure is about the Vice President (Corporate Services)].

Disclosures may be made anonymously. However, to ensure that public interest disclosures are recognised as such and appropriately investigated, it is preferable that the disclosure be made in writing via the secure web-based disclosure form.

Alternatively, submit a completed Whistleblower Disclosure form (PDF 45KB) to:

Office of the Vice President (Corporate Services)
Griffith University, Nathan Qld 4111


Initial telephone enquiries may be directed to the Head, Corporate Governance T: (07) 373 57190.

Disclosure form

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A disclosure can be made anonymously, however it should be noted that this is not preferred as it can make the disclosure more difficult to investigate and the University will not be able to inform the discloser of the results of any investigation.

Details of disclosure

Your privacy is important to us. Information you supply will be handled strictly in accordance with our Privacy Plan.