Microsoft SharePoint is a platform open to all University staff to access and share information with members of current or new committees.

SharePoint is the University's official repository corporate records and it's a legislative requirement that any University Committees, Panels, Working Parties or Advisory Boards have a corresponding SharePoint Committee Site to store it's records.

Fill in the below form to request a SharePoint site to be made. Please be advised that the expected turn around for SharePoint sites is dependent upon workload levels of the SharePoint team. Please allow at least a week's time for your request to be actioned before following up.

Further questions about Committee SharePoint Sites may be directed to Academic Services via emailing

Committee Names

Please include the name of your learning area (School or Department or Group) where applicable. e.g. Griffith School of Environment Committee, Department of Marketing Industry Advisory Board, Griffith Health Group Board.)

This should be a sentence or two about the functions and scope of the committee.
Please include all contact details
Please include all contact details

Providing SharePoint Access to Committee Sites

Please note only Griffith Staff can be added to Committee sites. If you have external members, you will need to contact IT and have them create Griffith IDs for the relevant members.

full names only are required
this is optional and is usually people on your 'information only' distribution list
Does your committee need to be publicly listed on the University's A-Z Committee's list? This is not necessary for internal School, Department and Group sites

Committee SharePoint Resources